Lamley Showcase: The beautiful MiniGT Holiday Bentley & more upcoming models

A few weeks ago I shared a few photos of the upcoming Holiday Exclusive Bentley from MiniGT with the Lamley Contributors. There were a myriad of responses. I could see everyone’s viewpoint, from “STUNNING” to “I’d rather see a realistic color or livery”.

But then I got one in hand.

And I am fully in the “STUNNING” camp. I generally subscribe to the “realistic replicas of real cars” camp in my collecting, but I reserve a special corner of my habit for pure works of art. Those could be special customs, collabs, or exclusives that go well beyond the norm and are conversation pieces by themselves. Things like the ASSC and Supreme collabs with Hot Wheels, my Luke Baumstark 510 and Fathur Rohim customs, and my gold Matchbox Ambassador Bus. There are a few more, but not many. Add this MiniGT Bentley to the group.

It looks like wrapping paper. That in and of itself would not pull you in, I get that, but when you see how it was done, and how well they did it, you can’t help but be in awe. Created by a Bentley Designer himself, it can’t help but be deemed special. I love this stuff.

I started out making a video on upcoming MiniGT models, and lumped the Holiday Bentley in. After opening it on the video, and seeing it sitting next to me here, I should have given it a little more special treatment. But judging by the comments I saw in real time on the video premiere, collectors are getting how special it is.

And all that said, the rest of these models are awesome too. The black R32 is a standout, and who doesn’t a love a trio of the legendary Calsonic Skylines? I love this brand.

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