Schuco 1/64 is coming to the US. Here is a look.

I say “Schuco”, many of you European collectors know what I am talking about, as will many of the more hardcore collectors in the US. Schuco delves into several diecast scales, and does a damn good job at all of them. For our purposes, 1/64 is where to focus. And it is a good thing, because 1/64 Schuco is coming to the US.

MiJo Exclusives worked out a deal to bring Schuco here. And it makes sense, since MiJo is also bringing Majorette back to the US, and both brands are divisions of Dickie Toys.

MiJo sent out a few for me to show to you, and I think you will like them. The models fall smack dab in the Greenlight, Auto World, Johnny Lightning, Tomica Premium range, filling the European car gap nicely.

Watch the video, let me know what you think, and look for them at your favorite hobby store later this month.

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  1. LOVE these models, and have collected the Euro-packaged ones for a few years now. HATE HATE HATE this blister packaging. A lot of that plastic will likely fill the landfills, which is a massive enough problem already.

    1. stephen, i really appreciate your comment on environment conservation. i always try and dump the blisters in the recycle part our garbage, because its just clear plastic that hasnt come into contact with food. which shoul d make it a good candidate for recycle. we should think of some cool ways to recycle all this plastic in a way that minimizes the environmental damage. Cheers man!

    1. Way to step out of the box. 🙂 Ordering on line is simple. These models are well worth their price.

      1. We’d rather buy cars in stores than to blow it on postal costs, we’d have over 1/3 less cars in our collection if we bought things online

    2. There is also the option for local hobby shops as well. I completely understand the rationale of the local shopping but quality like this won’t be at a big box store.

  2. I agree your paying for a lot of packaging here. I can’t say if I’ll get into these, I have many JLs but mostly MB and HWs. So for me they have to be close in size to those. I love a lot of the GL and MW. JL is really just not worth it to me in their return. Your paying for mostly packaging and repeat models. I don’t collect to chase, that is a total waste of time but to each their own.

    1. I would prefer that these were in the original box packages. Mainly because i like to open them but also be able to store higher end cars like this whenI rotate them.

      As for size these are the same or similar size to the MB/HW.

    1. Orientated is perfectly acceptable, mostly in British English. You’ll notice your spell-check doesn’t flag it. How about some tolerance for differences in dialect?

  3. I could see myself picking up a select couple of these, IF they show up in either Walmart (sounds unlikely) or Hobby Lobby (where they’ll be hideously expensive). Otherwise I’ll have to give them a pass. Like others here, I just refuse to pay through the nose to have them shipped. It’s just not worth it.

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