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Mail call: Hot Wheels, Tarmac Works and Matchbox emerge from postal lockdown

With travel restrictions, mail delays and border closures, it’s been harder to obtain some cars that I’d bought before the days of social distancing, but this week a box came through from the UK after a couple of months in transit

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Little Cars that Made a Big Impression

April 14, 2020 by Doug Breithaupt In the second half of the 20th Century, five small cars from five different countries made a huge contribution to history of the automobile. Even full-sized, these cars did not take up much space individually, but multiplied by millions, they changed the way that the world moved. The focus […]

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All Four Hot Wheels Nationals Models Showcased

Right out of the gate, there is something I think is worth explaining. Whenever I showcase Hot Wheels Convention models, many of the comments that come in seem to be directed directly at Mattel. Comments like “Why would Mattel do ANOTHER 510 for the Convention when they just did one for RLC?” or something like […]

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