Lamley Awards: What was the BEST and MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Basic New Model in 2022?

Welcome to the Week 2 of the 2022 Lamley Awards.

BEST and WORST Super Treasure Hunt is a fun category, but New Models is where the competition really begins. And as happens every year, it is impossible to predict a winner.

First, how we do it. As I always mention, you have to vote in the polls below for you opinion to be counted. Comments are most welcome, because I love to learn why you chose what you chose, but please vote.

Second, Best means Best. Your criteria is yours. Best executed, or best choice, whatever. Why you think it is the best is up to you.

Third, MOST DISAPPOINTING is not WORST. This is always important. Don’t just pick the model you hate the most. Choose the one that left you desiring more. I think this means more than what you thought was the worst. This is actually why I only do licensed models and leave motorcycles out. If I include them, folks tend to call those the worst and it leaves us with little to learn from. A clearer picture forms when you mention what disappointed you the most.

So, watch the video, check out the pics, and vote in the polls. As mentioned, it is all licensed new castings in 2022, and I included one “unofficial” new model. Like the Porsche Taycan last year, the Automobili Pininfarina Battista was meant to debut in HWid, but that mix was released in extremely low numbers, so the Basic Range essentially serves as its debut.

Thanks for voting.

7 Replies to “Lamley Awards: What was the BEST and MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Basic New Model in 2022?”

  1. I picked the Corvette because I really love old style Gassers and I picked the Volvo wagon it just doesn’t look that great to me

  2. Best – Ford Sierra. Car choice, casting execution…. it looks perfect, although I would’ve preferred if it was a plain colour instead of the livery. I look forward to seeing it in Car Culture next year.

    Worst – Volvo 240estate. They should’ve done a stock one.

  3. Toyota van was my favourite…maybe slightly small, but looks to be 1/64 scale though, and the colour choice and deco were spot on (been hoping someone would make this gen Toyota van for a while as they were sold as the Spacecruiser here in the UK), Civic Custom and Maxima were close runners up for me…the Volvo 240 was initially disappointing but the shape is pretty much spot on (virtually identical in size/proportion to the classic 70s Majorette Volvo 245 casting), and I felt it was a real Hotwheels interpretation of it, the phantom side graphics were a nice touch…a flat green with front and rear detailing would be nice though.
    The Mustang Mach-E felt like a wasted opportunity unfortunately…especially given how crisp other EVs like the Lucid Air were….overall a great year and great selection of castings though.

  4. Best: Lotus Evija. Every year, my choice is determined by this simple question: Does the car look good without tampos?
    Honourable mentions: Koenigsegg Gemera(by the way I got the Matchbox one yesterday and can’t wait to comparing them), Porsche 911 992 GT3, Lamborghini Sian, Lucid Air, Lotus Emira, GMC Hummer EV, Pagani Zonda R and Nissan Z.
    Worst: Honda Civic Custom. Bad wheel size choice. Bad decision about the front bumper although I like the headlights. Guaranteed lack of taillights no matter the tampos.

  5. People still don’t understand the Most Disappointing category. Were these people excited about that Tooned Volkswagen Gulf, and were disappointed with how it turned out?? Haha.

    For me the most disappointing was the Toyota Tacoma. It just doesn’t look right. The roof looks like it is caving in. Second would be the Lamborghini Sian. Although I think the casting isn’t too bad as much as it really just needed more details. I have seen customizers add details and it looks much better. Especially when you add some RR’s.

    Anyway, maybe one year people will understand this category.

  6. Surprised the Toyota van isn’t getting more love. I think it’s super unique and executed really well, especially for a Hot Wheels. Most disappointing is a tricky one; I disagree that Hot Wheels should have done a stock 245, that’s Matchbox’s job should they choose to take it. I think the Lucid was pretty meh, I know that curvy shapes are tricky but the tampos are way off and it just looks kind of clumsily made. I wonder if Matchbox could have done a better job with it, but at that point it’s just splitting hairs.

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