Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Batman ’66 Dodge A100

Model: Hot Wheels ’66 Dodge A100

Release: Pop Culture Batman (2022)

Why it’s in my collection: the colors, the casting, the execution — this model is the perfect blend of Pop Culture, art, and diecasting.

From the eyes of this long-time Batman fan, this was a casting that immediately stood out as a spectacular release. The bold, groovy orange base tone over yellow wheels fit the kooky yet charming vibe of the ’60s Batman series to a T. The casting choice – the premium-only ’66 Dodge A100 – was a perfect pick to become a canvas for some colorful comic art.

The billboard-like sides of the A100 make an excellent base as there is plenty of room between the axles and roof for that spectacular bat-art . The Night of 1000 Batmans is special variant cover art of Detective Comics issue 1000. Drawn by artist Michael Cho, the variant art was designed in the 1950’s style of Batman comic art and features a myriad of the different versions of Batman that appeared in the comics during that decade. Cho’s cover was designed for a typical comic/portrait layout, so the landscape shape of the van splits the art into two, causing each side of the van to have a different look to it.

Michael Cho’s original comic art for Detective Comics issue 1000, 1950’s variant cover. Image credit to Michael’s Twitter @Michael_Cho

From the paint color to retro slotted wheel choice, comic art to the hot-rodded stance of the van, this is one casting that really puts the pop in pop culture — and is one of my personal non-Bat-vehicle Batman releases ever done in 1/64th scale.

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