Lamley Awards 2022: Picking the Best of Hot Wheels

Prepare for the most competitive couple of weeks of the Lamley Awards. This week several polls will drop here on the site: Best/Most Disappointing HW Premium New Model, Best/Most Disappointing Matchbox Basic & Moving Parts New Model, and Best RLC Model.

And Best of Tournaments in Instagram? Tomica Limited Vintage and this one: Hot Wheels. (The the big 64-car tournament starting Christmas Day but more on that later.)

Doing a tournament like this for Hot Wheels is new. Hot Wheels dominates the Lamley Awards categories, and I don’t need to explain why. It dominates Lamley coverage. We already have several polls, but I thought it would be fun to do a tournament to pit cars from all the HW brands against each other.

So that is what we did. Consulting with quite a few collectors, and looking myself at the models that garnered attention for all kinds of different reasons, we were able to come up with a list of 16 nominees. The video explaining each, and the photos, are below.

But we also need to create the pairings. Like all the tournaments, we do it by drawing, so we will do that on Whatnot today at 3pm PST. And like we did last week with Mini GT, we are going to give the models away as we go. Follow this link to Whatnot and bookmark show on the Lamley Group account:

Lamley on Whatnot.

So here we go. With only 16 slots, there are some glaring omissions, but of course there are. Have a look at the models, watch the video, join me on Whatnot, and then vote on Instagram. You have a lot of work to do.

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