Lamley Awards 2022: What was the BEST and WORST Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt?

We are back! It is time to decide the BEST and WORST of diecast in 2022, and as always, let’s start with what year after year has been the most popular category: the best and worst Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts of the Year.

First, this year’s Lamley Awards poll and tournament schedule, along with something new…Giveaways on Whatnot!

This will be the biggest Lamley Awards yet, so make sure you follow Lamley on Instagram, and FOR SURE sign up on the Whatnot app and follow Lamley to be part of the giveaways.

I don’t need to say much, other than the only way for your voice to be heard is to vote. I would love your comments, so please leave a comment below or on any of the other Lamley social channels giving the reasons for your choices, but ONLY YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT.

So below are the polls, the video showcase of all 15 Supers, as well as Lamley Studio pics. Have a look, decide your criteria, and vote. We will showcase all the winners, and my choices as well, after all the polls and tournaments are done, most likely the first week of January.

The video:

The Polls:

The pics:

3 Replies to “Lamley Awards 2022: What was the BEST and WORST Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt?”

  1. Here’s my order:
    15. VW Cafer Racer – I rationalized it by thinking if I reached into a bag, which pull would I least want to get.
    14. ’32 Ford
    13. BMW CSL
    12. Corvette
    11. ’18 Mustang
    10. Camaro
    9. ’84 Mustang
    8. ’55 Chevy
    7. Skyline
    6. Jag
    5. Audi
    4. Studebaker
    3. Dogiban
    2. Civic
    1. Lambo – but it was as tight for me between the Civic and Lambo as the voting currently is.

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