Here are all the 2022 Lamley Awards Hot Wheels & Matchbox Polls. It’s your last chance to vote.

How fun has this year’s Lamley Awards been? With videos, photos, polls, and Instagram Tournaments, this has been our most involved yet. And we have seen thousands and thousands of votes.

As we come to the end of the year, I thought I would compile all of the polls together here, so in case you haven’t voted you can do it all in one place. There are links to the original posts to see the pics, and the videos are here for you to watch as well.

The Instagram Tournaments are (almost) done, so look for a full 2022 Results Show and post here and on the Lamley YouTube Channel soon. I’ll review all the winners of the Tournaments and Polls, as well as my choice for each category.


Best/Most Disappointing Hot Wheels Premium Model:

Best Hot Wheels RLC Model:

Best/Most Disappointing Hot Wheels Basic New Model:

Best/Worst Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt:

Best/Most Disappointing Matchbox Moving Parts New Model:

Best/Most Disappointing Matchbox Basic New Model:

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