Lamley Awards: What was the BEST & MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Premium New Model in 2022?

We’ve made it. The final category for the 2022 Lamley Awards. And my personal favorite category: Best Hot Wheels Premium Model.

I have said that if I had to limit my collection to one area, it would be Hot Wheels Car Culture. Hot Wheels hit its stride with the line and we have seen the approach succeed with other premium lines like Team Transport, Boulevard, and Fast & Furious. So much so that I think Hot Wheels has become a premium diecast company first for a majority of collectors.

And the approach continued in 2022. All the premium lines dished out doozies left and right, from the obscure to the mainstream, quirky to hyped. And we gobbled it all up.

So it’s time to pick the one casting that we liked best. I’ve included all the releases of each new casting, many of which had multiples. The introduction of Chases in Car Culture saw to that, so now you have more to judge on. But try to keep your choice to casting.

Same with Most Disappointing. Which model bummed you out the most? As I will always say, this category isn’t what was “worst”. But knowing that many collectors don’t vote that way, I took out the Jay Leno Tank Car and EcoJet to keep voters focused. These are all licensed, based on actual production cars. At least they started that way.

Watch the video, check out the photos, and vote in the polls below.

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