Lamley Poll: Pick the BEST Hot Wheels Wagon and Mercedes-Benz of the Car Culture Era

Sometimes a model just gets you thinking.

I found Hot Wheels Boulevard Mix M a few days ago at Walmart, and what a mix it is. Not a dud to be found. While all 5 models had my attention, it was the E36 AMG Estate that really stuck out. It seemed to highlight two growing elements of collecting Hot Wheels Premium: Wagons and Mercedes-Benz models.

So while filming the showcase for the Lamley YouTube Channel, I decided to go a little deeper. Not only did I look at all the Wagons that have been released in the Car Culture Era, which wasn’t as many as I thought, but I looked at all the Mercedes Premium releases.

It is astonishing the amount of Mercedes castings Hot Wheels has done since gaining the license a few years ago, and the variety is rich. So I decided to see what you think.

Watch the video, then vote in the polls below. Enjoy.

2 Replies to “Lamley Poll: Pick the BEST Hot Wheels Wagon and Mercedes-Benz of the Car Culture Era”

  1. Best estates imo:

    1) E 36 estate – splendid choice, *almost* splendid execution. The boxy design is spot on, but I can’t unsee the weird door lines and that’s the only reason why I can’t give it a perfect 10 score. But it’s a solid 9/10 though. And those side mirrors redeem it for me (another reason why side mirrors are so important).
    2) RS 6 – great model just like the E 36, but for me personally the Mercedes is far more interesting as a car.
    3) 850 R – similar as above except that due to the bumper being part of the chassis, it means it can never have a colour body and a black base (both have to be painted the same colour) which limits the oem colourways, Still, waiting to see one done in dark green or black.

    Best Mercedes imo:

    1) 190E Evo II – I don’t think this will be beat anytime soon. Mark Jokes hit the nail on this one and no other Mercedes since has come as close; there’s always something or the other that other castings have missed.
    2) E 36 – imo this is the closest any Mercedes has got to the 190E, if not for the annoying door line mentioned above. And I’m a big S124 guy so it’s extra annoying that I can’t put this on top.
    3) CLK GTR – great selection and execution but the lack of side mirrors loses it some vital points. It’ll look much better in plain silver (yes there existed a plain silver version of the race car irl).

    Also, if Mark Jones or any of the other Hot Wheels guys are reading this, I’m loving all the 80s and 90s Mercedes you’re doing! Although it would’ve be super cool if there were some 00s models as well. A premium SLR, W211 E 55 or a plain old non-AMG E-Class saloon (i.e. E 500) would do wonders in the current line-up.

  2. I’m very partial to the Sauber C9 not only because I love that era of Le Mans racers, but I love when hot wheels have removable/opening hoods.

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