Hot Wheels, LamleySTUDIO

Forget the Koenigsegg. Bring back the Hot Wheels Vector W8 TwinTurbo

It is time to remove this from the “one-and-done” Hot Wheels list.

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A Hard to Choose Between Pair of Durangos from Greenlight

The Durango is a well-executed tooling from Greenlight that debuted in 2019. The tooling has everything you would want from a premium 1/64 scale car including inserted headlights, metal body and base, and rubber tires. It was made so that Greenlight could put it out in different trim packages with grill and hood variations. Also, […]

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1/64, Neo

Big boats go resin : Neo 1/64 massive classic cars

Heavy metal fans, you won’t like it. Resin fans, be careful to your wallet ! Take an Autoworld, and imagine it twice more detailed. But 10 times lighter. But 3 times more expansive. All right, enough about figures, let me illustrate : It hardly fits into the studio. For sure it doesn’t fit in my […]

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Lamley Daily, Matchbox

Lamley Daily: Matchbox Rover 3500

Model: Matchbox MB008 Rover 3500 Release: 1981 MB8 worldwide continued in 1982 outside of USA Where to get it: Looking at ebay now, or toy fairs Why is it in the collection: This is the exact model that made me into a Matchbox only collector. I was born in the UK in 1972, and growing […]

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Silvia finds a new beau… Hot Wheels

March 3, 2020, by Doug Breithaupt The Nissan Silvia has always played third fiddle to the Z Cars and Skyline or GT/R models. Now that Hot Wheels is close to exhausting all the low hanging fruit in the Japanese/JDM vehicle orchard, the Silvia has become the ripe for picking. Hot Wheels has not neglected the […]

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1/64, Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily : Spark Mercedes AMG GT3

Model : Mercedes AMG GT3 Release : Spark (Sparky), released this late 2019 – Team Driving Academy FIA GT World Cup Macau 2017 Where to get it : eBay is the best option Why it is in the collection : I loooove GT3, and I am a strong collector of Spark models. Their main production […]

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1/64, Matchbox

Matchbox Monday dives into the 2002 logos

Well, this week for Matchbox Monday, I am currently waiting on a package to arrive from Wheel Collectors with new items, so I needed to come up with something different. I have done a little dive into my collection and thought I would come up with something a little unusual. I am not sure if […]

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Kyosho, Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily : Kyosho Alfa Romeo 75

Model: Alfa Romeo 75 T.Spark (yellow) Release: Kyosho Minicar Collection Alfa Romeo series 4 Where to get it: eBay is the best way Why it is in the collection : I am (was) a Kyosho collector, and I love Alfa Romeo, which make 2 good reasons to have it. Plus, this late 80’s car has […]

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Hot Wheels, Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Manga Tuner

Model: Hot Wheels Manga Tuner Release: 2020 Hot Wheels mainline, New Model Where to get it: eBay — and watch for the card art variants too! Why it’s in my collection: The Manga Tuner was simply too cool to pass up. The wild Japanese Bōsōzoku style cars are some of the most unique custom cars […]

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Matchbox Mini Moment feels the need, the need for speed!

I don’t know if anybody has seen this article on CNN Underscored at all? Mattel were in New York this week for the annual toy fair and unleashed the first look at their upcoming Matchbox themed Top Gun Maverick license. We are going to be getting various playsets, Skybusters and so forth linked in with […]

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Lamley Daily, Tomica

Lamley Daily: Tomica Sigma MC74 Mazda

Model: Tomica Sigma MC74 Mazda Release: Tomica main line Where to get it: eBay Why I am featuring it: My parents have been welcome but accidental enablers to my hobby ever since I was in a pushchair and this car is sort of proof of that. One day when I was about 8 or 9 […]

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Greenlight, Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily: Greenlight Motorworld Lamborghini Gallardo

Model: Lamborghini Gallardo Release: Greenlight Motorworld Series 2 Where to Buy: They pop up in a couple different colors on eBay Why I am featuring it: A lot of people are not aware that Greenlight ever released a Lamborghini. This casting was manufactured by High Speed and released previously under the Malibu International brand as […]

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