Schuco, Tomica Limited Vintage

GTI club: the Schuco Mk1 and TLVN Mk2 Golf GTIs

A side by side with these two has been on the cards since I did a comparison with the two Mk1 Golfs from Schuco and Greenlight back in February. I’m bringing the Schuco car back this time for a head to head with the Mk2 GTI from Tomica’s Limited Vintage Neo line.

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Greenlight, Schuco

Anyone for Golf? The Schuco and Greenlight Golf Mk1s.

Some posts just spring into my head even before I have got the models in my hands. This was one of them. When Modelmatic restocked I jumped on this pair. They looked the bomb in pictures and they’re even better when they’re infront of you. First of all a little background on the Golf. Conceived […]

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Lamley Daily, Schuco

Lamley Daily: Schuco Porsche 911 Turbo (930)

Line: Schuco (Toysmart Hong Kong Exclusive) Where to get it: eBay has a few Why is it in the collection: After my very first Schuco BMW Isetta which blew me away with all the incredible details; I consider Schuco as the next Tomica Limited Vintage in my 1/64 model cars collection which I keep going […]

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The other 1/64 Unimog – the Schuco 604 Series

For all the praise Mattel rightfully received for the brilliant Hot Wheels Unimog 1300 castings they released in 2018, it may have been easy to miss the other Unimog that appeared around the same time: Schuco’s amazing 604 Series. Trying not to use too much hyperbole is a skill in writing articles, and I think […]

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