Show season begins with more stunning Schuco x Tarmac Works collaborations

Schuco x Tarmac Works. It doesn’t feel like long ago that these two diecast legends linked up with their Audi Sport liveried Volkswagen T3. Hell, it was only a couple of months ago that the gorgeous Jagermeister Volkswagen T1 and Gulf homage Beetle hit the stage. Already the catalogue of hits from this 1/64 duo is impressive. And it’s just got better still:

Meet the Mean Streets Mob Volkswagen T1 “lowrider” and the Mooneyes Beetle, and they’re more than just recolours of the aforementioned Jagermeister and “Gulf” cars, both featuring new details to set them apart. And seeing as the car show season is firmly with us again in the UK, I took mine along to the VWNW show at Tatton Park near Manchester, a Mecca for fans of classic VWs. And whilst admiring the patina on my friend Nathan’s Volkswagen T2, I found the perfect background.

The Mooneyes livery looks awesome on the lowered Beetle casting, far better than the done-to-death Gulf colours of the previous release. It’s also a lot more fitting, with the brand being popular amongst the air-cooled Volkswagen custom scene. The Fuchs wheels of the Gulf car have gone, replaced with very cool colour matched steels topped with chrome center caps. And this being a Schuco, they roll beautifully on rubber tyres.

The roof rack is a new addition to the “Lowrider” variant, borrowed off Schuco’s beautiful Maroon “Reisezeit” Beetle. And it finishes off a brilliant little diecast. For fans of Mooneyes gear, vintage Volkswagens and cool diecast, this is ticking all the boxes.

The T1 Panel van is a features the livery of the Mean Streets Mob car club, one that I have to say I was a little unsure of at first but my mind quickly changed. It’s a stunner, and opening the beautifully crafted “oil can” packaging is an experience in its own right.

The grey/black/checkerboard livery suits the casting brilliantly, especially finished with *that* trademark Schuco paint quality.

The roof rack is a new style, and beautifully constructed in metal. It adds another quality touch to an already weighty and solid casting.

Schuco and Tarmac have blown it out the park with these two. And don’t think their relationship is only limited to producing Volkswagens, there’s more in the pipeline…

As you can see Porsche are set to join the 1/64 Schuco stable with help from Tarmac, with the 964 and 993 arriving later this year in suitably modified form. This is a partnership that’s producing some real gems and has a very bright future ahead of it. Long may it last.

(With kind thanks to my friend Nathan for the use of his gorgeous Volkswagen T2)

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(Find the Schuco x Tarmac cars at the Tarmac website, the gorgeous Schuco 1/64 range at their brand store and have a browse for Schuco x Tarmac listings on Ebay)

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