Still playing with cars: the Schuco Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

A few weeks ago I came across an article discussing the most beautiful cars in the world and it got me thinking: what would be on the shortlist of the most beautiful diecasts in the world? I put the question to my Lamley colleagues and there was some great discussion, and hopefully I’ll be able to collate a list at some point for you guys and girls to scrutinise. And when I do make a list, this will surely be on it: Schuco’s Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.

It goes without saying that the 300 SL “Gullwing” Coupe is one of the World’s most famous and beautiful supercars. Produced between 1954 and 1957, the 300 SL was the fastest production car in the world until the Lamborghini Miura turned up, its 3 litre straight six propelling the car to a 163mph top speed.

The Coupe version was in production for only three years (1954 to 1957) but a roadster version took over in 1957 and remained in production until 1963. These days a 300 SL roadster will set you back over £1,000,000 and a coupe anywhere between £2,500,000 and £4,500,000. Good thing then that the Schuco version weighs in at a more than wallet friendly €11.99.

I’ve got 3 versions in my collection, the “Mainline” car in a beautiful pale blue, the Paperbox Series car in red and the 2022 “I still play with cars” Special Edition. 

When the 300 SL Coupe was on sale, any colour other than silver would add a hefty price increase for customers. Luckily there’s no price hike in 1/64. The blue is my pick but there’s barely a cigarette paper between it and the Paperbox car. The colour is gorgeous and the red interior makes for a fantastic contrast.

The Paperbox edition takes the red interior and matches it to a beautiful gloss red exterior, but does away with the usual Schuco window display box and instead matches it to a gorgeous retro style display box. These Paperbox cars add a new edge to Schuco’s 1/64 range with exclusive colours and there’s some greats among the range: the Vipergrun Golf Mk1, the Fjord Blue BMW 2002, the Mint Green Mercedes “Dash 8” and this 300 SL. It’s a beauty.

The last 300 SL I own is Schuco’s “Edition 2022”, a follow up to last year’s Volkswagen T1 adorned with the company’s “I still play with cars” slogan. Like the Paperbox car this sits nicely in a cardboard display box.

As liveries on 300 SLs go this fits rather well, transformed into a period race scheme. Far less objectionable than some recent liveries on scale 300 SLs….

All three are great testament to Schuco’s 1/64 skills, and fabulously good looking things. I really do need to light a fire under that “beautiful diecast” list…. what would be on yours?

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(Find the Schuco 300 SL on the brand store. Click here for the blue, click here for the red and click here for the 2022 Edition. Also search Schuco 300 SLs on Ebay)

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