Lower altitude, increased attitude: Schuco Volkswagen T1 “Lowrider”

I’ve featured the very neat Schuco Volkswagen T1 panel van on Lamley before, when I looked at the awesome VW Service version. The panel van is a 1/64 stalwart for Schuco and one with a lot of life in it. It’s a great casting and the widespread use of the T1 van in the real world means there’s no end of liveries to replicate. Schuco have already done Martini, Porsche Diesel, and Police versions and will no doubt do more. But the most recent version is a little different. Say hello to the T1 “Lowrider”.

In a very cool shake up the casting has been altered into an awesome custom van riding on steel wheels with low profile tyres. And the first release features this very Lamley appropriate livery.

“I still play with cars” is a Schuco slogan that we can all relate to and as soon as I saw the livery I had a smile on my face. And it’s perfect for the first outing of the Lowrider version.

The Schuco hallmarks are all there: sharp decals and paint, rubber tyres and solid construction and detailing. These are really well put together 1/64s. And despite the changes to the altitude and wheels, it rolls very well.

Schuco have already teased a Porsche Renndienst service van in their 2021 catalogue and we know already there are some very cool collaboration models with Tarmac Works on the way….

Like the standard casting this is set to be one with a very long and bright life, and I already can’t wait for the next release.

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(Find the T1 Lowrider at the Schuco Shop and various T1 variants on Ebay)

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