Lamley Daily: Schuco Mercedes 200D W115 “Slash 8”

Model: Schuco Mercedes 200D

Release: Schuco mainline

Where to get it. eBay, Modelmatic for UK collectors

Why I am featuring it: I have been looking for a way to lever this one in for some time and a Lamley Daily is a perfect way to do that. I’ve got a bit of a thing for these cars. In a previous job I was lucky enough to encounter one of these up close. I still remember the leather smell from the interior and I thought the whole thing was incredible. I think the W114/115 series are some of the best looking Mercedes there has ever been, and Schuco’s version is one of the best looking diecasts I’ve seen in a while. It’s fantastic quality, the paint is thick, the lines crisp and the detail is all there down to the 3 pointed star emblem on the grille. It’s a quality piece. I think the red is the best colour Schuco do for the car, although there are other fantastic colourways; 2 variants of a Hong Kong taxi livery made with the company Tiny, 2 German Polizei liveries, a special edition Technisches Hilfswerk Ortsverband” (civil defence) livery sold at Muller stores in Germany (alongside matching Unimog) and a rather imposing looking black colourway. And to be honest they are all superb. I just happen to like red! Go out, find one, any of them. You won’t regret it.

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