Lamley Daily, Matchbox

Lamley Daily: Matchbox Monteverdi Hai

Matchbox car. First time out of box. I remember those words like I read them yesterday.

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Lamley Daily, Tomica

Lamley Daily: Tomica Dandy Hino petrol tanker

Tomica’s Limited Vintage Hinos have been some of the most desirable 1/64s of the past few years. Monsters, full of tiny details, opening trailers and oozing with retro Japanese chic. And the demand has been high, prices have quickly risen to the point where to some of us they have fast become unobtanium. But today we’re not going to be serving up any more (highly deserved) hyperbole on those. We’re taking a little step back into the Japanese brand’s back catalogue to look at the one of the ancestors of the modern TLVN Hinos.

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Kyosho, Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily: Kyosho Ferrari Challenge Stradale

Model: Ferrari Challenge Stradale Release : Kyosho Ferrari Minicar Collection 11 ebay link: Kyosho Ferrari Challenge Why I am featuring it: I love Kyosho Ferrari’s and there are a lot to collect (17 multi car releases if I’m counting correctly). This one is also available in Red and Yellow in the same release. It is […]

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Hot Wheels, Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Peugeot 505

Model: Peugeot 505 Release: Hot Wheels 1983 Mainline Ebay Link: Hot Wheels Peugeot 505 Why I am featuring it: I love some of the more obscure Hot Wheels models from the Black Wall era. This car was released in two colors in the US. The first was in 1982 in blue. The second was this […]

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Lamley Daily, Welly

Lamley Daily: Welly Polish Series Part 1 – Polski Fiat 126p

Welly have done a fabulous service to Polish and Eastern Bloc vehicles recently, and I’d originally planned to cover them all in one go, but the article sat in my drafts for a while, needing some tweaks to wording and photography. Then the new Single File series came along and gave me a good opportunity to split the cars up as some of them are unique to this scale.

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