1/64, Lamley Daily, Mini GT

Lamley Daily: MINI GT Bentley Continental GT

Model: Bentley Continental GT Line: MINI GT ebaylink: MINI GT Bentley The 1/64 Bentley Continental GT Grand Tourer release is another good call by MINI GT and open up another variety to add to your MINI GT collection. This Continental GT features clean, superformed lines and a wide low body which is beautifully replicated from […]

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Lamley Daily, Tomica

Lamley Daily: Tomica Dandy Hino petrol tanker

Tomica’s Limited Vintage Hinos have been some of the most desirable 1/64s of the past few years. Monsters, full of tiny details, opening trailers and oozing with retro Japanese chic. And the demand has been high, prices have quickly risen to the point where to some of us they have fast become unobtanium. But today we’re not going to be serving up any more (highly deserved) hyperbole on those. We’re taking a little step back into the Japanese brand’s back catalogue to look at the one of the ancestors of the modern TLVN Hinos.

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