Is there anything cooler than a big old Mercedes? How about 5 of them…

It’s not often Mercedes have featured in my Lamley writing. Which is perhaps odd considering that I am constantly yearning for 190Es and old AMGs on Pistonheads. I find the range of vehicles they offered from the 1950s up until the early 90s to be effortlessly cool. In that 40 year chunk of time there are so many vehicles that would be in my dream garage. 300SLs, 600 Pullmans and SL Pagodas go without saying. But then there are cars like these. The more “run of the mill” Mercs that still manage to press my buttons. And while I may not be able to afford the real cars, I can certainly build a 1/64 dream garage thanks to Schuco and these 2 new releases.

The Mercedes W120 is a vehicle I have a rather large soft spot for since encountering a couple of them in the brilliant Classic Remise museum/workshop in Berlin. I love the shape of the thing, the famous “Ponton” (“Pontoon”) bodywork worked very well. Ponton styling was a design trend with origins in the 1930s, referring to vehicle designs where the bodywork seamlessly enclosed the full width and length of the car in one envelope, incorporating previously distinct features like running boards, articulated bonnets and wings. The W120 is a gorgeous looking car, and Schuco have done a fabulous job of replicating it, choosing to model a diesel 180D model in a very period (and rather cool) grey colour. A very neat Polizei livery is also available but to me this plain scheme just edges it.

(Find the Schuco W120 on Ebay and at the brand shop)

The next new Schuco Mercedes in 1/64 is the W110, the successor to the W120, and another known by a single moniker; this time “Heckflosse” or “Fintail”. The 110 series was produced between 1961 and 1968 and over 600,000 were made. The Schuco version is another diesel in the form of a 200D, and the colour is gorgeous. It’s another beautifully crafted model and needless to say Schuco have nailed these new releases. I’ve said it before: they’re the TLV of Europe.

(Find the Schuco W110 on Ebay and at the brand shop)

Snapping these was a perfect excuse to bring some other big Mercedes along, so joining these 2 is another superb Schuco Mercedes: the W114/115 series which I have covered before…

(Find the Schuco W114 on Ebay and at the brand shop)

At the other end of the scale, the Matchbox 200TD W123 Kombi which Matchbox have done a great job with. I love the details on this one, the California vanity plate, the luggage in the boot and the colour is just spot on.

(Find the Matchbox W123 on Ebay)

And finally a rather battered but beautiful vintage W108/109 250 SE from Siku. This one is in my custom/restore pile and I’m still not sure what to do with it. But I love it, the movable seat backs especially are super cool.

(Find Siku Mercedes on Ebay)

So concludes this journey with these diecast heavyweights. The new Schuco cars are real beauties and a great way to add some of that Mercedes cool to your collection at a very reasonable price. And the Matchbox W123 is proof that super cool and collectable diecast can still be found for pocket money in mainlines, hanging from the pegs at your local supermarket.

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