Big boats go resin : Neo 1/64 massive classic cars

Heavy metal fans, you won’t like it. Resin fans, be careful to your wallet !

Take an Autoworld, and imagine it twice more detailed. But 10 times lighter. But 3 times more expansive.

All right, enough about figures, let me illustrate :

It hardly fits into the studio. For sure it doesn’t fit in my wall displays.

These are made by Neo, which seems to specialize in obscure cars in 1/43 and US classic cars. Their line in 1/64 is mainly made of classic US trucks, and for now, 4 cars. You have 3 of the 4 pictured here. Find some on eBay.

The dark blue one is a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V. The light blue wagon is a 1957 Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon, and the metallic brown is a 1957 Imperial Crown 4-Door Southampton. Damn, not a single model I knew before ordering.

Discover cars in the hobby is clearly one of the things I like. A priori, that’s 3 cars I would not have been particularly interested in, but the execution is so unique that I had to go.

And I don’t regret it at all. I must admit that the blue Lincoln paint job is not as good as the 2 others, as it is not a metallic paint. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that it is resin, but it’s not that bad.

Plus, the car has closed headlights, which makes its face a little blank.

Thought, Neo 1/64 cars are very highly detailed. And they are not the details we are used to with other brands. Clearly, the models are meant to look clean, and this is due to the conception itself of the car.

If i dared, I would talk about illusion. Indeed, all chrome details and front grills are mixed of photo etched pieces and printed pieces, that really make the job. Let me be clear, the result is super nice; it is just interesting to stop a minute to look at it and understand the way it’s done.

The same thing happens for the windows, that are “pre cut” clean pieces, with kind of no relief. But again, the result is “man it looks so neat”.

These are big boats, and they are scaled, which is one of the most important things I care about collecting (guess why I’m an Autoworld collector).

As I said, they don’t fit in my wall displays, so I will have to figure it out how to proper display them, because this is worth it to see them everytime I walk into my diecast room.

I had some fun to compare the Lincoln with the Honda N300 from Konami, being one if the smallest ans cutest cars I have in my collection.

It also doesn’t fit on my Atlas Safety Loader from Tomica Limited Vintage :

I also thought interesting to shoot high quality resin cars all together, and here it is with the crazy Timothy&Pierre Singer Porsche Targa :

We can’t hardly believe it is 1/64 cars can we ? It also highlights how the Singer Porsche is a small car.

To finish this article, I believe I also had to make a group of photos with what might be the closest companions of these big boats : Autoworld (and a Greenlight …).

As a conclusion, I would recommend you to have at least one Neo 1/64 in your collection. Target price is more or less €30. If you don’t care about one model in particular, I would suggest you to get the Imperial Crown (the brown one), that is almost a little piece of art. Painting is incredible, quite unique and very well executed (find Neo 1:64 on eBay).

Thank you for reading this Neo 1/64 article, and don’t forget to have a look at all my other articles, and my Instagram account.


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  1. It’s almost comical how small the Singer Porsche is, I initially thought that was a 1:87 scale model next to a 1:64 in those pics.

  2. The diecast cars shown can easily hold their own. The NEO cars are nice, but I don’t think they roll. Now if AW can make those very same cars…

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