A Hard to Choose Between Pair of Durangos from Greenlight

The Durango is a well-executed tooling from Greenlight that debuted in 2019. The tooling has everything you would want from a premium 1/64 scale car including inserted headlights, metal body and base, and rubber tires.

It was made so that Greenlight could put it out in different trim packages with grill and hood variations. Also, it is made to be adapted for both law enforcement and civilian vehicle releases. This MOPAR ‘18 is the king of the versions that have come out so far and for Greenlight it is as premium as it gets.

You can find all the Dodge Durango releases that have come out so far on eBay.

If you’re not familiar with the Mopar limited edition program, they are factory modified cars released in limited quantities. Mopar has released one each year starting in 2010 with a limited edition Challenger. Challengers have been the most often chosen but they have also done a couple of Chargers as well as a Chrysler 300, Dart, and a Ram Rebel. Some of these vehicles have been produced in as low as 50 units. Below is a quick list of what has come out to date and what each car is limited to.

MOPAR ‘10 Challenger limited to 600
MOPAR ‘11 Charger limited to 1000
MOPAR ‘12 Chrysler 300 limited to 500
MOPAR ‘13 Dart limited to 500
MOPAR ‘14 Challenger limited to 100
MOPAR ‘15 Charger limited to 50
MOPAR ‘16 Ram Rebel limited to 500
MOPAR ‘17 Challenger limited to 150
MOPAR ‘18 Durango limited to 250
MOPAR ‘19. Challenger limited to 100

The text on the back of the card describes what is special about this Mopar ‘18 Dodge Durango SRT and is lifted straight from Mopar Magazine.

(Greenlight MOPAR ’18 on eBay)

It is great that Greenlight made both available colors for this SUV because they are both wonderful. This first one is in Octane Red. They did a good job of reproducing this deep red color. Dare I say that it looks a lot like the color used for Auto World Ultra Red chase cars?

The wide black stripe, black rims and dark window tint complement the red well (red and black is one of my favorite color combos). Greenlight will often make window panels separate pieces from each other which allows them to have tinted windows and a clear windshield. They really nailed the details of this limited edition Mopar. All things considered, if I were to buy this car in real life I would pick this color.

(Greenlight MOPAR ’18 on eBay)

The red is definitely the meaner looking of the two colors. However, the icy blue looks fantastic as well.

When I originally purchased these cars I was only going to get one and had a really tough time deciding which one it was going to be. I ended up getting the red first but then folded and got this one as well. This color is very unique. I do not remember ever seeing it on the road.

As with the red, Greenlight did a great job of replicating the blue pearl coat color of the real vehicle. The black stripe and rims look awesome with this color too. The blue also brings out the detail of the taillight section of the car. At first glance, I thought that this was an inserted piece. The detail gives it the illusion of depth and looks really good for a printed taillight.

This set of two cars is just another example of why I think Greenlight is a fun brand to collect. I really didn’t know about the MOPAR limited edition series of vehicles before and I love it when you can learn something about the 1:1 scale automotive world from diving into your collection of little cars. Both of these would be a cool addition to anyone’s collection of detailed 1/64 scale models.

(Greenlight MOPAR ’18 on eBay)

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