1/64, Tarmac Works

Are we hitting RWB and LB Works overload ?

As a diecast collector, it is something that, in my opinion, one is entitled to wonder. Especially in mid 2020. Let’s have a quick look backward to understand the genesis.

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Hot Wheels

Showcase: Hot Wheels Team Transport RWB Porsche 930

Remember that post last week, where I compared my blog prowess to that of an overzealous gym-goer hitting the weights for the first of maybe four times to satisfy a New Year’s resolution? This post might be gym visit number 3, as I have done a decent job so far in 2020. Actually, the Lamley […]

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A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Silhouettes RWB Porsche 930 & RLC Magnus Walker 964

Let’s call this Part 1. Let’s also mention that this is not a “vs.” post. Comparisons are obvious – these are both premium Porsches – but these two are just awesome together. Plus, I may have already done the “vs” thing on Instagram: View this post on Instagram Pick one. #thelamleygroup #hotwheels #hotwheelscollectors #rwb @christiancoujin […]

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Tarmac Works

Opening the new RWB Porsche by Tarmac Works

Tarmac Works sure has hit some sweet spots. A new RWB Porsche is one of them. There is a method to the TW madness. My guess is it is “if it makes our fans in Asia go bonkers, let’s make it”. And it works. The diversity of the castings is wide, the racing liveries specific, […]

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