Parcel of the day : Inno64 with Pajero’s and MCE models

A quick update of what has been added to the collection lately, with my latest parcel from Spain, containing 4 Inno64 models and 1 MCE. I’ve got them from agtoycars eBay shop, which is a good way to grab some asian diecast and rare models, specially for you guys living in Europe.

That being said, let me introduce one of the best Inno64 I’ve seen so far, that really surprised me : the Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution. Damn ! I did not expect too much of it, as far as I am not a 4×4 fan, neither a 4×4 collector, but I must admit that they really got me.

The sporty and racing angle of those really please me, but on the top of that, the amount of details is pretty amazing. It equals TLV Pajero for almost half the price. But let’s be clear : they both have their own charm and certainly have both their own style. While TLV is rather strict, gets incredible deep metallic paint and gets a perfect assembly quality, Inno is a little more fun, and gets all that little details and added pieces that really make the model (flaps, colored seats, mirrors, fog lights, brake disks and calipers (hello Bryan).

The white version is amazingly cool with its angled “evolution” stripe, and the chromed spare wheel, plus the red flaps. Those are really fragile and I advise you to be careful with it, specially if you want to make a wheel swap – which is absolutely possible because of the extra white OZ wheels set that comes with the car. I’m seriously considering to have another one to put those on, because I like both stock wheels and OZ ones.

The rally Pajero I got in the mail is the #204 Mitsubishi Oil Paris – Granada – Dakar from 1998. Damn again ! A Paris-Dakar car in 1:64, can I be more happy ? It’s so rare, and so cool. If you are not familiar with what Paris Dakar is, have a look at this :

Can’t believe how cool it is to see Paris Dakar cars in 1:64. The deco is amazing, with all the sponsors. Let’s spot a double hooks in the front, and a super nice flat bottom (as an added piece) made for those rude conditions in the desert. This is a solid piece, that I highly suggest to add to your collection if you have any love for racing history.

The third car I bought is a Japan special edition and it is the Toyota Altezza RS200 Z-edition, in blue. In Europe we might know better this car under the Lexus brand, and it is a 2000’s car that I really did not want to miss. I’ve always loved that car, and the replica is once again pretty amazing for the scale and the price. I prefer this stock version to the race ones for once. It comes with a transparent baseplate, like first Inno models (that seems to be reserved for street cars now ?) and an extra wheels set I will not use (and also a decal sheet).

The final Inno of the parcel is a Toyota Gazoo Racing 86 “Advan” from Gr86/BRZRace (2016). Not a big fan of the 86/BRZ, and the car has been really many times reproduced in 1:64 scale, but this livery is making the model for me, with the white rims, the red seats and the Japanese inscriptions. It is highlighted by the carbon look baseplate too.

So all in all, those 4 Inno are really must haves, in my opinion, and it shows that Inno64 is a serious challenger in the premium 1:64 world.

The final model of my parcel from Spain is totally different, because it’s a strictly limited edition of a resin RWB model from MCE (Scale box). It’s limited to 250 pieces, and I have the n°044. It is supposed to be Tokyo Auto Salon exclusives (I believe their were 4 colors, I already have the red one). They are not cheap, and made of resin. It’s super light and it doesn’t roll, but I love it anyway, as it is a complete other branch of my collection (I’m having a growing corner of high quality resin models in 1/64, rather limited, of cars I love). You can find some on eBay.

If you read my previous article on “Are we hitting RWB overload” lately, you should know I’m still totally fine with having more RWB in my collection as far as I love them. What did I like on this one ? the absence of rear bumper, in the Hot Wheels RWB style, with the appearing exhausts. It’s mad. But when I think RWB, I think bumper less, so I’m totally fine with it, and happy to have a premium one. That being said, I did not find any picture of the real car, but it seems it exists. Also, the box is mentioning a RAUH-Welt Begriff official hologram collaboration product. Who knows ?

I hope this little presentation of my parcel from Spain did please you, and gave you wish to add some cars in your collection. Cheers ! Instagram @guillaumewillpics

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