A look at some cool cars from Timothy&Pierre models …

This is an article I wanted to make for a long time, and here it is. I have already made an article on the amazing Timothy&Pierre Singer Porsche (that you can find here), and I also featured some in my Top 10 Lamley Awards article.

Since then, I had the chance to meet Pierre from the brand, and we have nice chats from time to time. I appreciate their constant search of realism, and they are among the brands that really push the limits of minicars, with an amazing tons of details and quality components. I was totally astonished by the quality of the Singer Porsche. This is a result that you can mainly obtain by resin process, but believe me, it is worth it to have at least one Timothy&Pierre model in your collection. It’s a little piece of art, simply. I started my collection buy having the orange Targa Singer Porsche, and then 2 others and a Pink Pig Mini.

Since Christmas, I have 2 models I want to share with you plus 2 Choro Q cars, that are a bit more specific.

Let’s begin with the RWB WU. It’s a Porsche 993 base, modified by RWB (that we don’t need to introduce anymore). The question would be : why this model is interesting, with that RWB overload I already talked about ? The answer is : execution. The model is almost perfect. In this case I don’t specially collect a RWB that I don’t really care about but a resin masterpiece with perfect lines and amazing details. Yes, the lines of the model are perfect. FINALLY I have a 993 looking at a 993 in my collection. With a nice rounded lower side window. Thank you Pierre. I don’t have any Fuelme models in my collection, but from what I’ve seen it seems also very good, near perfection too.

The car is low, the stance is good, the model is clearly a display model. Wheel arches, windows, mirrors, wing … everything is treated with care, and that’s what we love.

This is a rounded window that I like. 993 should be like this.

The RWB WU is paying homage to the Porsche 917 that won the 24h Of LeMans in 1970, and that’s another good point to have it in my collection. It’s limited to 999 pieces, and I have number 099.

The second model I wanted to share with you is a very limited model (20 pieces worldwide), made for Christmas 2020. I guess this model is a creation from the brand, and I’m very happy to have one in my collection. It’s a 993 base model too, with the fantasy Christmas decoration and this time gold wheels. I believe it is the more limited piece I have in my collection, and whether you like the deco or not, it gets a very particular place in my display shelf.

Speaking of display, here are some shots of my resin collection in 1:64. I collect a lot of resin models in higher scales (from Spark models mainly), but have few 1:64. You can spot the very new Inno64 LBWK, the JEC Ferrari and some Neo scale models in the back, and one Error404 Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo II. Oh, and of course those amazing Timothy&Pierre Singer Porsche, and the Pink Pig Mini. I think the Singer Porsche remains my all time favorite resin model of my collection, and it’s time to have more. But be careful, Timothy&Pierre models are sold out very quickly, because of high success and limited quantities!

To end this Timothy&Pierre article, here is a quick look at the Choro Q models the brand is also offering. Pierre was kind enough to send me 2 models to have a look and showcase to you, and I also wanted to try some from a long time. Choro Q are kind of tooned cars that are quite popular in Japan. This time, models seems in resin, and attached to a qualitative base with a plastic piece with the name of the car and the number produced.

I have a Bugatti Veyron limited to 399 pieces, and an Alfa Romeo 8C in beige, limited too. I must admit the Veyron is my fave of the 2 (not only because I’m French). I took some pictures of the only other Bugatti Veyron I have in my collection (from the Taiwan collection), to give you an idea of the size of the Choro Q.

I’m not very excited by tooned cars in general, but as I said, I wanted at least one in my collection, so I’m very happy to have those. I surely won’t build an entire collection of Choro Q, and I can totally understand that many of you won’t like it. It’s worth the try for one, in my opinion. The execution is once again very neat, and I love the presentation on a display base with the plastic button at the right of it. I see it as cool little decoration piece in my cabinet. Would you try some ?


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    1. It is a Chinese brand, and I did not find anything either about a website. They run some social media pages 😉

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