A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Silhouettes RWB Porsche 930 & RLC Magnus Walker 964

Let’s call this Part 1.

Let’s also mention that this is not a “vs.” post. Comparisons are obvious – these are both premium Porsches – but these two are just awesome together. Plus, I may have already done the “vs” thing on Instagram:

Back to this being Part 1. Part 2, whenever it happens, might be slightly more appropriate. It will be a full RLC-off. A second RLC Magnus 964 is coming. It will look very similar, only with a slightly different paint job. Gone will be the spectraflame, with a more realistic look. It will be on an RLC cardback instead of an acrylic case. That means card art, which is always exciting.

And an RLC RWB Stella Artois is coming too. An early prototype was previewed at Nationals (and I have a video coming where the model is discussed in detail by Designer Brendon Vetuskey, who is in charge of its design), and it will also have an opening rear, but side doors as well. It is based on the Car Culture RWB, just with all those RLC enhancements.

So when both RLC Porsches are out, we’ll do a proper Tale of Two. This one is dedicated to how rad these two premium Porsches are, and I will show them together since they were essentially released at the same time.

Part 1.5 might be a deep dive into all the Porsches Hot Wheels has dropped in the last few years. Some might argue the Toy Fair 934 is the culmination, but this pair might be more appropriate. Both are highly detailed, really well made, and just plain pretty. And as a pair they represent not only two very different takes on classic Porsches, but more importantly showcase how Hot Wheels is fully embedded in today’s car culture. It’s shocking to see this pair if you really think about it.

And add to that the fact that Hot Wheels can do a replica of a modified 930 in matte black, pack it three per case, price it at nearly $6 and it will be sold out within minutes, and you can see how far things have come. It is truly a golden age.

So let’s talk about that RWB. It’s the Stella Artois, as named by Nakai-San, but won’t be dubbed as such on a Hot Wheels card considering the audience.

It’s a crazy cool casting. If you ask anyone who has been lucky enough to find one, they will tell you its heavy weight is was is noticeable right away. It’s substantial.

After that it’s the details. The deep-barrel 6-spokes were tooled up for this casting, and they are waaaayyyy deep. And that rear spoiler and exposed exhaust are bonkers.

There is a lot to admire here. If I remember right, Jun Imai designed this one before he left, and purely from an execution standpoint it’s a star. But what might be its most amazing element is its existence. It can’t be understated. Hot Wheels made an RWB. It’s madness.

A real-life RWB is art. The Hot Wheels is a miniature version of that art. You can’t stop staring. The art is embedded in the casting, enhanced by the matte black and simple deco. Which leads to the Magnus 964.

This one keeps you staring as well. Like the RWB, the casting is near perfect. The opening rear and engine is a killer detail. It is beautifully executed, and it goes next level in spectraflame paint sitting on fifteen52 Fuchs-inspired wheels. The real car is cool, but Hot Wheels gave it a little more personality with those premium Hot Wheels touches. The RWB in and of itself is a living creature, and Hot Wheels captured it. They drew it out of what essentially amounts to the simple beauty of the 964’s stock silhouette.

So while I said I won’t compare, I will anyway. One being RLC doesn’t take anything away from the Car Culture release. So much so that if I could only pick one, I’d take the RWB, simply because it is hard to ignore the art of Nakai-San. Thankfully I don’t. I am thrilled to have both. They both arrive at the same destination, only they take different paths. HW Porsche Golden Era indeed.

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  1. Finally a photo showcase after so long!! I’m a 911 purist at heart so the 964 gets my vote. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect and admire RWB (I actually went from disliking to liking RWB). I’m glad both of these exist. It looks like I might actually for once have a chance of getting the RWB very soon, and maybe one day I’ll acquire the 964 too. Thanks for listening to my prayers and doing this showcase!

  2. HW’s license with Ferrari died for this (they’re not dead, at least if we go by TLV). These two models are right at the apex. But now I have a question: when are they going to go to plebeian town? Will they, even? Are these one-offs? Please don’t be.

  3. Oh this is an easy choice. Give me something harder. The RAUH-Welt 930 is obviously the better of the two. Reason being, it is a model that I have a fair chance of actually bringing home, owning, holding in my hand and displaying. The Magnus Walker 964 is a “unicorn” that will only ever be seen online.

  4. Found the “Silhouettes” RWB 930 in Oz, so it’s not a unicorn!
    Heavyweight quality casting. Not the greatest card art, so maybe it comes out of the blister pack?

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