Showcase: Hot Wheels Team Transport RWB Porsche 930

Remember that post last week, where I compared my blog prowess to that of an overzealous gym-goer hitting the weights for the first of maybe four times to satisfy a New Year’s resolution?

This post might be gym visit number 3, as I have done a decent job so far in 2020. Actually, the Lamley Group has. Hopefully you read David Tilley’s first Matchbox Monday feature yesterday. As I have mentioned several times, DT decided to come on, be the “ley” in Lamley, and start giving us new Matchbox content every week. Some will be new model features, others will be dives into his collection, but expect a good Matchbox read every week.

And it doesn’t end there. In the coming days I will be introducing a new team of writers here at Lamley. That means new perspectives, more brands (Greenlight, M2, Tarmac Works, MiniGT and more) on a more consistent basis, and hopefully the same enthusiasm. I want a daily visit to Lamley to be worth it, as it used to be before I got all into video-making and other endeavors.

In 2020 I see the Lamley Blog turning more into a site with interesting, smart articles with a diecast and collecting angle (most of the time) that you will hopefully enjoy visiting, instead of place with an occasional article from me with only my perspective.

I will still take the reigns on the two YouTube Channels, and will push forward with some new projects that I am seriously excited about. But plan on seeing me on the blog as well. Writing and photography is still my favorite part of this Lamley gig, and to me one of the best ways to showcase the cars that catch my attention. I am taking the role of Editor-in-Chief at the Lamley Blog, but Writer/Photographer will still be my favorite title.

And that is why I am showing this beauty, the Hot Wheels RWB Porsche 930 from Team Transport:

You don’t need any info about the release. You know it is the second release of the RWB Porsche, after its debut in Car Culture Silhouettes last year:

This isn’t a comparison post, because I can’t choose a favorite between the Stella Artois-inspired black release and the replica of Allen Yang’s Purple RWB, showcased at SEMA. Both are beautiful, and both take the casting in different directions, much like Nakai San’s real life creations. But let’s focus on the purple, and get one things out the way.

After shooting this model, the pic stood out. It screams RWB:

The wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide tires, exposed exhausts, super tall spoilers and RWB in massive letters. It speaks to RWB style and the amazing job Hot Wheels did in replicating it. But some have pointed out it also shows a weakening in Hot Wheels’ graphics application. The RWB on the purple model is more grainy than the black.

I am not pointing this out to start a long discussion on the quality of Hot Wheels’ tampo prints. In some cases it doesn’t bother me, in others it does, but talking about it here or on my channel incessantly can be boring. Then again, not mentioning it has riled up a couple of trolls who want to say I don’t point it out because Mattel tells me not to. We don’t need to entertain that conspiracy theory, so I won’t, but yes, some print quality leaves a little to be desired, if you look up close. Then again, the look of this particular RWB tampo print is on purpose. It is supposed to look grainy because it replicates the RWB on the actual car:

Photo from rennlist (

Different font, but similar look. That doesn’t explain other grainy tampos, but I thought it was worth pointing out in this case.

The rest I’ll just leave with pics. The RWB is such a fantastic Hot Wheels model, execution-wise for sure but more for what it represents. There are a ton of directions Hot Wheels can go as it pushes more and more into real life car culture, and the RWB represents the most interesting recent push. I am sure I will talk about that more when the RLC version is released (Feb? March?), but yes, models like this open a lot of doors.

9 Replies to “Showcase: Hot Wheels Team Transport RWB Porsche 930”

  1. I like em both. Will for sure be trying for the BLACK one in the RLC & will be on the lookout for the PURPLE one in the wild . 🤞🏾 that the PURPLE one be offered in the RLC 1st. If not it will be xtra hard to find the PURPLE one in the wild.

    1. Might have stop everyday to check Wallymart & Target to get a jump on that TT RWB Porsche set… That would look good as a commemorative if the Ravens win! 🏈🏈🏈
      as far as RLC is concerned, I’m still waiting to see when they’re going to offer the 2019 $uper Treasure Set..
      time will tell!

  2. I love em, great pic show. Have to get 2 of the new one. Not going to be easy. I have just about every Tarmac
    RWB. You got me going with your first post on them. Now I even watch the 911 Garage. Keep up the good work. We appreciate it .

  3. HW Tampos on premiums have been sucking for the past year now, ever since Mattel switched to ink jet printing them on to the transfer medium. But, like you said, the graininess is deliberate, to mimic the weave effect of the lettering on the real car.

    1. Wait, what about the other sets in the batch? They didn’t send the whole set? Agreed that purple is hot! Even the flatbed is sporting TE’s wheels but in 12… Woohooo, donor!!!!

  4. Well I don’t think any release could ever beat the debut matte black, but this still looks pretty sharp. I know it’s not the focus of the set, but I’m not a huge fan of this particular truck rig. Something about it looks cheap, can’t put my finger on it.

    Can someone with more technical knowledge explain to me what the hell the deal is with the wacky exhaust setup on the real-life car??

  5. What’s the text written on the front of the car? And does anyone know what the “Sky Ocean Rain” text on the hauler means? Is it a reference to something?

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