1/64, Aoshima, Kaido House

Parcel of the day : M2, AutoWorld and Aoshima

Just a quick write to share with you my latest parcel from eBay France, containing US diecast. We have M2 Machines, Aoshima Gran Champion and AutoWorld

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Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Car Culture has finally gone with Moon.

Among the many things Hot Wheels has done right with Car Culture, jumping into iconic decos is one of the top.  We have seen Advan, MOMO, Greddy, BRE, Gulf, and now Mooneyes hit the line.  It is hard to know which is the most iconic, or which is the coolest, but we definitely know which […]

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M2 Machines

The “Hobby-Only” M2 Machines Mooneyes set is now out.

Another heads up for you Mooneyes collectors.  (That includes me, and interestingly enough, my 11-year-old daughter.) On the heels of the Mooneyes Walmart-exclusive set that hit last month, M2 Machines has released the Hobby Exclusive Mooneyes set as well.  And it is available now at SURPLUSgoodies: M2 Mooneyes Hobby Exclusives at SURPLUSgoodies I really like […]

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