Hot Wheels Car Culture has finally gone with Moon.

Among the many things Hot Wheels has done right with Car Culture, jumping into iconic decos is one of the top.  We have seen Advan, MOMO, Greddy, BRE, Gulf, and now Mooneyes hit the line.  It is hard to know which is the most iconic, or which is the coolest, but we definitely know which one is the most fun.  That is certainly Mooneyes.


And based on some coincidental timing, both Moon VW models are essentially hitting at the same time.  The Panel Van in Cargo Carriers, and the Fastback in the RLC Bundle which starts shipping this week.  Both have gone Moon, and both look great.

I’d say the nod goes to the Fastback, mainly because it stares at you from all angles, especially from the hood.  The Panel is great too, although I could do without the flames.  Still, Moon is Moon and I’m stoked.

Go with Moon.



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  1. Both are “” KOOL “””. To keep the 👀 going let’s have a VW BEETLE as a MOONEYE. A job well done.

  2. Both are very nice. If the Panel didnt have the flames it would definitely be my favorite- however, it does, and I believe the flames just don’t fit it at all. Alas, the RLC bundle squareback takes the cake for me.

  3. The flames ruin the panel bus for me. I’m not sure if I’ll pick that one up if I see it or not, I’ll have to see if the mood strikes me. The fastback is awesome though. Not awesome enough to spend about $25 to pick one up off ebay, but awesome nonetheless.

  4. I always liked the bus and never cared for the fastback. It’s too big. However, I would like to see a somewhat smaller version of this car as a slammed cruiser.

  5. Indeed, them appearing at the same time is more than a simple coincidence. Agree w Glenn, flames not necessary, however, these two will look great beside my 2014, workshop series custom mooneyes beetle. Delivery of RLC Car Culture bonus set pending… Now i reget selling my pink Decades fastback. Oh well.

  6. I hope the closure of Toys R Us will bring about a better distribution of Hot Wheels premium lines, particularly in overseas markets. Incredibly I found JAPAN HISTORICS 2 in supermarkets near my home. This is a first for supermarkets and I only hope it isn’t a one off. Finding 2 Datsun 510s was better to me than finding a mainline super.

  7. I collect cars not cardboard go back to the damn smaller size! really, more cardboard how to put screws to raise the price tag on these vehicles.

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