Walking through all of the Hot Wheels Mooneyes basic models.

After showing the Kool Kombi with the Mooneyes logo, several YouTube viewers asked for a walk-through of the Hot Wheels Mooneyes models.

I can’t show all, as there are some premium releases, but I think I have the basics covered:

Not a hard collection to put together.  You just have to be diligent in scouring eBay.

6 Replies to “Walking through all of the Hot Wheels Mooneyes basic models.”

  1. Just like Gulf Oil, The Mooneyes livery looks good on just about everything. The Ground FX is one I’m glad I held onto because it’s grown on me a lot over time.

  2. Nice, to show all the models. Again, it would be even better including fotos, not just the Youtubelink.

  3. I found a much older Moon Eyes model. On the Hot Wheels 1975 “Cool One” Dragster. It’s not black and yellow, but it is purple and Yellow. On the front spoiler it says “COOL ONE” and the OO’s in cool are the moon eye graphics with the word moon written under it. I FOUND ONE ON EBAY, here it is for you to see. https://www.ebay.com/itm/152626410715

    What do you think… should it be considered part of this collection? I wonder if others exist too.

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