Parcel of the day : M2, AutoWorld and Aoshima

Just a quick write to share with you my latest parcel from eBay France, containing US diecast. We have M2 Machines, Aoshima Gran Champion and AutoWorld. As usual, I will try to quickly explain why I have ordered them, and how they integrate in my collection.

You can find all the cars shown here on eBay.

Firstly is the AutoWorld 1965 Ford GT dirty version in light blue and red touches on the front. Why this one only ? Because my AutoWorld displays can only contain 240 cars, and I’m afraid it will be full sooner than I thought. Plus, the other 2 versions are already known and in the collection, whilet his light blue is new.

Secondly, an Aoshima GraChan (Gran Champion) of a Fairlady Z. I just love this interpretation of the Z by Aoshima. You will not find many Z in my collection because I’m just not fond of this car at all, but I love the Aoshima style. They pair well with other versions, and racing-like versions such as the red one and the yellow online-exclusive one. Cool.

Thirdly, 2 new M2 Machines in the collection, with another Z (!) and a Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Why again a Z ? Because I love the M2 Machines interpretation too! And that may be it, because except one TLV and one Konami, I don’t own other Z models, and I don’t really want to. In fact, I discovered the existence of this 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432 in Mooneyes gold livery just last week, and as my seller stocked it, I decided to add it to the basket. I love gold cars, I love Mooneyes deco, and it goes pretty good with the other cars of my little Mooneyes collection. I don’t collect everything in the Mooneyes segment, neither from M2 Machines (I’m very selective). But this one is cool.

Finally, the last model is a nice Skyline GT-R from M2 Machines Model Kits series. I like the treatment of the GT-R by M2 mainly because they added the iconic mirrors on it, and the sporty look is cool. In fact, I love M2 Machines JDM approach.

A model kit means you have to assembly the wheels, tires and axle (and it is harder than Kyosho models, believe me). You have to force to put the rims into the tires, and sadly on one on two calls you break the inscriptions on the tires. And you have to make a decision ! Marked tires ? black rims ? Grey rims ? Mmmmhhh.

Maybe both …

I finally decided to go black with marked tires. Love it that way.

And I decided to custom the Datsun offered with the Datsun hauler with the other grey rims.

This red GT-R is really a good piece. One more in my JDM M2 Machines collection. I stock it on the Dastun hauler, which is really a must-have too.

As a bonus, here is my entire M2 Machines collection (except the ones in my hauler), with boxes that don’t slot very well; strict, but I love it! Cheers!


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