The “Hobby-Only” M2 Machines Mooneyes set is now out.

Another heads up for you Mooneyes collectors.  (That includes me, and interestingly enough, my 11-year-old daughter.)

On the heels of the Mooneyes Walmart-exclusive set that hit last month, M2 Machines has released the Hobby Exclusive Mooneyes set as well.  And it is available now at SURPLUSgoodies:

M2 Mooneyes Hobby Exclusives at SURPLUSgoodies

I really like the Walmart set, but I like these hobby-only models even more.  And my daughter agrees.  Our resident expert here says all of you need the Econoline Van.  Good choice.  But you can’t go wrong with any of these, including the Chase.

Mooneyes rules.

M2 Mooneyes Hobby Exclusives at SURPLUSgoodies

3 Replies to “The “Hobby-Only” M2 Machines Mooneyes set is now out.”

  1. I love the Mooneyes livery in general, but with the exception of the yellow & white Transporter (and perhaps the Chevy delivery), these get a big “meh” from me. Not a fan of most of these castings.

  2. The Econoline is one of the few M2 castings I really like. Otherwise, when I think of M2, my thoughts are of ill-fitting doors/hoods, dull finishes, and having to unscrew each car from that stupid display base. And to add insult, some of the their cars still have a plastic chassis at their price point. I have fewer M2 cars in my collection than any other mainstream brand.

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