Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Mooneyes Custom VW Beetle

It’s a truth widely acknowledged that anything with the Mooneyes livery on it is instant cool, and in the world of diecast, Hot Wheels are solid proof of that. The livery has been a mainstay of various parts of the line up and there’s been a few heavy hits over the years; the 2015 Dodge Custom Super Treasure Hunt being probably the most well known.

But there’s been some that haven’t needed the STH treatment to look cool. Case in point is the Mooneyes Custom Volkswagen Beetle from the 2014 mainline.

ebay link: Hot Wheels Mooneyes Custom Beetle

I’ve had this in my collection since release and it’s a car that originally I’d planned to modify somehow. But the more time that passed the more I fell for the casting in standard form, and it’s been an omnipresent shelf warmer ever since. It’s metal based for a start which gives it a satisfying weight and the livery suits the car to a tee. And there are so many little details on it that make it just that bit cooler; the centre exit bee sting exhaust and the sides of the engine hanging out the back of the body and the fuel tank with filler neck poking through the side window. How cool is that?!

Mine suffered from quite bad patching on the decals (and a bizzare streak along the back that looks like someone slipped with the applicator) but it’s served to make it look worn by age, making it look just that bit cooler.

It’s a strong mainline, and in my opinion trumps the later Mooneyes painted Kafer Racer Beetle and Beetle pickup. And it’s one that’s very easily available and for good money: A quick Ebay search brings up a listing at £2.99. And given the slow turnover of Hot Wheels here in the UK, it’s still possible to encounter these still on pegs, I saw 2 hanging at a local Halfords store earlier this year, a full 6 years since they’d been released! So go out and grab yourself one, go with Moon!

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  1. This was in my top 3 favorite VW castings before they cheaped out by molding the engine cover shut, adding a roof rack, and replacing the metal base with a plastic one without the cool exhaust. BTW, gorgeous area you live in!

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