Filling some Matchbox gaps: Four more on the road to 800

I’m still trying to collect each of a series of 800 Matchbox castings but as time goes on, it becomes tougher and more expensive to plug the gaps. Here are some I’ve found this year…

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Hard Body by Tootsietoy – toy cars with full features

July 5, 2020 – by Doug Breithaupt When someone mentions Tootsietoy, most of us picture simple one-piece toy cars with basic wheels. In a previous story, I reviewed these basic cars beginning with the first small-scale die-cast car made by Tootsietoy in 1911. With the introduction of the Hard Body brand name in the late […]

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Hot Wheels, Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Dodge Rampage

Model: Dodge Rampage Release: Hot Wheels Mainline Real Riders 1984 Ebay link: Hot Wheels Dodge Rampage Why I am featuring it: This is one of those “one and done” castings… well, sort of. It was used in the 1984 Mainline in the Real Rider sub-series. It came in two variations: grey hub Real Riders and […]

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A Hard to Choose Between Pair of Durangos from Greenlight

The Durango is a well-executed tooling from Greenlight that debuted in 2019. The tooling has everything you would want from a premium 1/64 scale car including inserted headlights, metal body and base, and rubber tires. It was made so that Greenlight could put it out in different trim packages with grill and hood variations. Also, […]

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