Large, and largely underrated. The Hot Wheels Dodge Macho Power Wagon

The key word here is Macho.  Sure, it’s a big, bad truck, but I only focus on the word “macho” to decipher it from the Dodge Power Wagon.  Hot Wheels has done two classic Power Wagons, only this one comes more Macho.

I was testing a new photo setup the other day and threw the Macho Power Wagon up.  Only three photos, but enough to show you why this model should be in the collection.  It’s good looking, it’s huge, and it has been barely used.

Twice in fact.  It was created for the Entertainment line, as a replica of the truck used in the TV Series Simon & Simon:

Then it popped up one other time in Pop Culture, with I think Batman on it, but this is a casting that needs a little more love.  Maybe some Car Culture love.  Maybe “Gee, thanks Mr. Blanda” style, for the man who’d rather drive a truck than a car:

Or just in good’ol Macho deco:

Still, if we don’t see it again, the Simon & Simon suffices just fine.  When we are in such a strong era of cool Hot Wheels pickups, this one deserves a little more attention:

(Hot Wheels Dodge Macho Power Wagon on ebay)


6 Replies to “Large, and largely underrated. The Hot Wheels Dodge Macho Power Wagon”

  1. I’d have to dig and try and find it but I remember someone from Mattel on the HWC/RLC boards thinking that the casting had gone missing during one of the production plant moves. It was up for discussion at the time about castings people would like to see again and that was when it was brought up that it may be gone forever. Then the Batman Pop Culture version appeared, so there may be hope yet.

    But highly agree, a Car Culture version would be well received, especially if they use those new wheels (552s I think?).

  2. This is an awesome truck.👍 I have both of them in my collection.👍 And Mattel needs to make more of these.👍

  3. No, the Simon and Simon version does not suffice just fine…because I couldn’t find it! But I would be pleased if they’d re-release it in the same livery.

  4. Not really bad, our farm truck was an ’84 Power Ram D-300, the generation after it (but it had the grille of a last-gen Power Wagon on it).

    I really wasn’t collecting the Retro Entertainment series when this was new, and everyone kept scalping the Power Wagon (I don’t think it was this casting) in the Mopar line. Still looking for the Baja Power Wagon too. Really M2, JL, or AW needs to give us more stock Power Wagons. There haven’t been that many in recent times, most either Squad 51, Little Red Wagon, or some other special model/trim.

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