Lamley Awards 2022: Doomus RLC’s Top 10 and 10 of 2022

It's that time for Doomus RLC to count down his top 10s of 2022! Featuring his favorite calendar year releases of 2022, as well as past items added during the year!

Lamley Daily: Racing Champions Buick Regal Grand National & Hot Wheels GMC Syclone

Model: Racing Champions Mint Buick Regal Grand National & Hot Wheels GMC Syclone Line: 2017 series release 2 & 2020 mainline. Ebay links: Racing Champions Buick Regal & Hot Wheels GMC Syclone My car taste is as broad as it is long, but if you've been one of the people keeping up with my Lamley …

Lamley Daily: Evel Knievel’s Chevy-powered Aston Martin Lagonda

This Johnny Lightning Aston Martin Lagonda is a bit of an oddity. Its modified look includes side pipes and a rear wing, because the original version was issued as the only car in a 1998, four-model set of Evel Knievel’s vehicles. Knievel owned a Lagonda that had had its original 5.3-liter Aston V8 swapped for an 8.2-liter, big-block Chevy


April 6, 2020 by Doug Breithaupt The Metropolitan is not an American car. It was built in England by Austin, has a British engine and was a captive import car for Nash, Hudson and later, AMC. It was sold in the U.K. after 1955 as an Austin Metropolitan. The design, however, was American. Offered from …

The JL Datsun 280ZX & Auto World 2017 Mustang MiJo Exclusives are now out at SURPLUSgoodies

Heads up for you Auto World, Johnny Lightning, and MiJo collectors.  The next set of MiJo Exclusives from Round2 are out, and our friends at SURPLUSgoodies have them: MiJo Exclusives at SURPLUSgoodies Hard to know which of these two models will interest collectors more.  The Johnny Lightning Datsuns will clearly be of interest, considering they …