Well these are looking pretty cool.

A scroll through Instagram instantly came to halt when I came across these:

I don’t have a lot of Johnny Lightning in my collection, as that itch is mostly scratched by other brands, but these two, especially the 240SX, look really nice.  These castings are not new, but these details sure make them look so.  Look for them soon.

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  1. The GT-R is just another GT-R to me, but that 240SX is sweet! Unfortunately, Toys R Us was my only avenue to acquire JL, so these will most likely pass me by. It’s a shame.

    I don’t have a huge amount of JL, for pretty much the same reason that was mentioned in the post, but I do have some. Their ’90s Jeep Cherokee casting is spot-on, and I like how they’ve given some love to malaise-era American iron that other brands don’t touch…where else (from the big brands) can you find a Chevy Citation?

    Does anyone know of any TRU alternatives in the mid-Atlantic region that would stock these?

  2. Yeah.. that 240SX is VERY appealing to me. I was surprised after viewing the car, that it was a JL!. Looks damn good & it’s even more so than the 1st edition HW’s 240.
    TRU was one nice source for JL, but I know of a few Walmarts which might carry the line.
    The wheels are pretty darn cool and help make the model. i’ll be grabbing the blue JL ASAP!

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