Lamley Daily: Johnny Lightning Ford F-150

Model: Ford F-150

Release: Johnny Lightning Classic Gold 2017 Release 2

Ebay Link: Johnny Lightning Ford F150

Why I am featuring it: I am featuring it because it is a fantastic looking little casting. I say little because it is, as a lot of Johnny Lightning toolings are, smaller than 1/64 scale. As long as the scale doesn’t bother you (which it shouldn’t if Hot Wheels is what you mainly collect) this is a gem. The tooling has been released several times. This 2017 Release 2 version A one is not that easy to find and nor is its version B counterpart. Each is limited to only 1,256 pieces. That is a really short run. There were also Toys ‘R Us exclusive versions of both the A and B release that were extremely limited to 168 pieces. If you stumble upon any of these trucks from this release at less than eBay prices I would advise snapping them up.

I have the TRU exclusive version of this one but I chose to feature the standard version A truck because I think it is the best looking variation of this casting.

Round2 did a great job with the color and detail of this release. The wheels look great on it as well. The casting has an opening hood and tailgate. Both opening features are done well and shut tight leaving no obnoxious gap.

If you want to see all of the variations of this casting that have come out so far you can use as a resource.

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