Lamley Daily: Johnny Lightning Demolition Derby 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria

Model: Demolition Derby 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria

Line: 2020 Johnny Lightning Street Freaks, Car #4, Version B

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Why it’s in my collection: Because DEMO DERBY!!!! Demolition derbies are the bread-and-butter of county fairs all around the United States, and this LTD replicates one of those derby cars perfectly. Watching guys wreck into each other — the mud-slinging, metal-twisting, uncorked-V8s blaring — is one of the greatest sights in all of motorsports….and now you can recreate that action with one of Johnny Lightning’s newest derby release.

Johnny Lightning has had some great derby car releases in the past, and this Crown Vic only adds to their already great line up. The base car is a retired P71 police interceptor (a past and current derby favorite) and sports a flat red paint job – Fire-Breathing Monster Red to be exact. The front is deck-out with a full tiger shark-styled monster mouth with the “eyes” of the monster being the two hood-mounted spotlights. It reminds me of the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters! Krumm character, ha!

The monster mouth is very well done and covers the entire front end, even over the lights and grille, just like a real derby car.

The rest of the car is simple but does a great job at replicating that classic derby car styling. A number 52 is tampo’d on both rear doors, and the tail lights and door handles are all painted black. The car rides on black steel wheels and they, and the tires, have a messy line of white paint ran across them. One of the coolest “features” on the car is the simulated duct tape used to help hold the doors closed — I really like this touch.

I love these demo derby cars and hope this look is a trend other diecast companies will hop on board with!

Unboxing and turn-table video:

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