Lamley Awards: What was the BEST & MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Basic New Model in 2022?

We’ve already done the Best of Matchbox Tournament, so now let’s turn our attention strictly to the New Models.

The polls below are all Basic New Model releases in 2022. Right above this post are the Moving Parts New Model polls, so there is a lot to vote on.

I’ll save the full analysis for later, but honestly if I were to pick a brand of the year, Matchbox would be seriously considered. There are a lot of great new models, one of which you will pick in the polls below, but it’s more the incredible output. All of these models below are licensed. Add to that all the Moving Parts New Models. It wasn’t that long ago that we would see 25 new castings in a given year, with more than half generic. Matchbox has come a seriously long way. Abe Lugo and team deserve a ton of credit for the battles they’ve waged, and honestly won, to make Matchbox the best it has been in a long time.

So let’s vote.

The video showcase is below, followed by the polls, and the photos. Study it all, and then make your pick for the Best model released, as well as the model that didn’t live up to the hype.

8 Replies to “Lamley Awards: What was the BEST & MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Basic New Model in 2022?”

  1. The most disappointing model for me is very unfortunate, as I was really excited for its arrival: the Cadillac CT5-V. The 1:1 scale CT5 is a big car with a striking presence, and this model came out too small with wheels that are way too big. It probably comes down to budgeting constraints and standardized wheel sizes, but this model really suffers. The runner-up in the most-disappointing category is the ’86 Ford F-150. Again, the proportions are off and the front end just doesn’t look right when you compare it to the real deal.

    The best for me was the ’36 Ford. The proportions on this one are spot-on, and much like Abe Lugo, I love this era of car. I have this one sitting on my desk at home, and it just looks stunning in black with the simple front detailing and chrome hubcap wheels. Runners-up were the ’40 Dodge and BMW Touring. Lots of stellar models from Matchbox this year.

  2. Very difficult to choose in both categories simply due to the incredible breadth and diversity the modern Matchbox range represents. Considering it was becoming a generic filled joke until not many years ago its turnaround has been nothing short of a miracle.
    Considering the price of Matchbox, even here in the UK, often work out CHEAPER than the cheapo off brand unlicensed diecasts from China I’d say every licensed casting they release is worthy of buying.

  3. The Kurtis is a 5 piece casting with a huge chrome plated piece the entire length of the model. Matchbox spent a lot of money trying to make this piece perfect…and they did!

    I hated to downvote the Opel. It is an excellent, off the wall choice. But I couldn’t find even one with the deco properly applied, so that makes it my choice for most disappointing.


  4. Best for me was the Kurtis Sport because it was so unexpected; like you I had to look it up, though I knew of its descendants the Muntz Jet and ultimately the Corvette. Even without the history, it looks great, like something Flash Gordon might have driven. Most disappointing a difficult choice, The Ford Custom, and BMW wagon were hampered by uninteresting black paint jobs (black looks great full size but doesn’t work for me when scaled down) and will look better in better colours, for me the Citroen just gets it: small, another dull colour and those blacked-out windows. Not seen it yet in the UK but I’m sure it’ll be a pegwarmer. Sorry!

  5. While the BMW 3 Series Touring is nice, and I always welcome a sport wagon, my best new model vote went to the stellar Mitsubishi 3000GT! I can’t wait to see this released in other colors! The Porsche 918 Spyder was also nice but for reasons I can’t explain left me unexpectedly feeling a bit ho hum. Perhaps it was the color choice. Though the matte metallic gray over gold wheels is an interesting combo, maybe a brighter color would have excited a bit more.

  6. My most disappointing new model is the Lexus LS400. This is one that I had high anticipation for. Definitely a groundbreaking and revered luxury icon of the nineties. Matchbox’s release manages to come up short in my opinion. I’m not fully certain why. Perhaps because it’s a bit undersized? Perhaps it’s the lack of bling from chrome trim. I’m sure the bland wheels do it no favors. I don’t know, maybe a premium release could spiff it up to the station it deserves?

  7. For me this was also a difficult choice. I never realized that all of the new castings this year happened to be licensed until you mentioned it. And the fact that in relative history, more than half the new castings would typically be generics. Hopefully they don’t go back to that because this current direction is what the brand needs. The early-mid 2010s were the dark ages for Matchbox and I would never want to see them go down that rabbit hole again. Today, the diversity of new, licensed castings is just what Matchbox is all about and should be going forward.

    For my best choice, I picked the Cadillac CT5-V. Although someone above mentioned it being too small and the wheels too big, that doesn’t affect me in the slightest. The casting itself is fantastic and I appreciate it for what it is. The front and rear detailing and bright red paint are executed well and are a real eye-catcher. I can’t wait for the upcoming black one with gold wheels. I was surprised to see how many were lingering on the pegs when Mix 6 came out because I figured it would’ve been a hot commodity but instead it was the McLaren 720S, ’62 Volkswagen Beetle, Subaru SVX, and Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 that were snagged. The Porsche 911 GT3 Chase is a no-brainer but not every case had one.

    For most disappointing, I picked the ’18 Dodge Durango SRT. This was one of the first new castings of the year but the proportions of it are terrible, the rear end especially. The window piece is too narrow and allows the rear fascia to drape underneath it which doesn’t exist on a real life one. Also, the famous race track style taillights aren’t shaped correctly and the big, bulky tow hitch makes it look especially ugly. And no interior! I’m sure it’s difficult to try and execute every casting perfectly with limitations involved but this one could’ve been better.

    I was originally gonna choose the BMW 3 Series Touring as most disappointing because of the ugly safety post in the back that plagues all tall vehicles at Matchbox but the rest of the casting has too much good going for it to put in that category.

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