Lamley Awards 2022: What was the BEST & MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Moving Parts New Model in 2022?

Part 2 of our Matchbox New Model Polls.

All I said in the last post about Matchbox applies here. The brand is on a roll. The Moving Parts models (I’m using “Moving Parts” in general to represent all the models released with opening features) have been a massive development, and Matchbox released the most this year since they introduced the line.

Variety was a key element this year, so picking the Best and Most Disappointing should be fun. So let’s get to it.

Video feature, polls, and photos below. Have at it.

9 Replies to “Lamley Awards 2022: What was the BEST & MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Moving Parts New Model in 2022?”

    1. Yes there was a mistake of some sort. The poll was updated but somehow it didn’t save and I failed to notice it. I went in and saved again and it seems the changes were reflected. This is frustrating but since we are so far in there is nothing we can do at this point.

  1. I voted the Porsche 911 as the best new model, but it didn’t count because I accidentally voted for it in the wrong poll (most disappointing) first.

    1. My most disappointing new model would be the Lamborghini Diablo. I was really looking forward to this one and the casting looks pretty good from photos, but I’m not a fan at all of the gimmick of raised pop-up headlights. These always look out of place being miscolored in translucent black, since they’re part of the window piece, rather than being the correct body color. I’d much rather just have them down and part of the metal body. Beyond the headlights though, the wheels they chose totally ruin this model. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a casting where these wheels look good. It’s long past time to retire these wheels and develop some new ones.

      1. While I agree the wheels look out of place on the Diablo, they were perfect for the blue Miura in the Best Of range in that bronze color.

  2. My two favourites are also the ones that have me a bit disappointed. The Porsche 992 looks brilliant – finally after years either of the Mattel brands have done a non-GT3/non-race car 911. But the one thing (or two rather, cause I also don’t like the opening doors) I hate is that it seems like the casting was supposed to have large wheels and they’ve mistakenly put small wheels instead, as evident in the photo used here. It makes the otherwise superb casting just fall short of a 10/10 score, but still a beautiful model nonetheless.

    And the Diablo, again it’s the wheels that are the culprit, but it’s the style not the size – this style just does NOT suit the Diablo at all, they should’ve used the 6 spokes like the MR2 or HW’s RR Exotics or GTs. I’m also not liking the cheap looking popped-up headlights – why couldn’t they just not do headlights at all and cast them into the metal body in the closed position? But at least I’m glad it doesn’t have opening doors and the casting looks fine otherwise. Between the 992 and this, the Diablo gets my vote because I like it more and it’s a relief to see a Diablo in 1:64 after ages. And following these two very closely would be the Evo IV, even though funnily enough there is nothing I find wrong with it straight away (so perhaps that should be my winner then?)

    Most disappointing: pains me to say but probably the Mercedes 450 SEL. The paint mismatch between the doors and body, the bland wheels, the un-crisp colour, the budget tampo prints, the cheap-looking grey base… it looks more like a block of blue cheese rather than the intimidating, gangstery and evil looking 1:1 450 SEL (the HW 280 SEL for comparison of execution, even though it’s a different gen, looks miles better). I don’t mean any disrespect to the designers but this one really does look disappointing.

  3. This was a difficult one considering the lousy distribution of Moving Parts to begin with. As a result, a lot of these of these cars I don’t even have on hand. So, I went according to pictures and video.

    For best new model, I chose the ’90 Toyota MR-2 W20. The proportions are just right, the wheel choice is fantastic, and the incorporation of pop-up headlights. And to top it off, that same batch has the Lamborghini Diablo which also incorporates pop-up headlights and ironically is from the early 90s as well.

    For most disappointing, I chose the Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL. I did see this one in store but decided not to get it because of the lousy execution of it. Just like many classic cars at Matchbox, what should’ve been a proper chrome base instead gets a cheap grey plastic base. It makes any car look incredibly cheesy, like a Made in China car. Also, the paint mismatch on the doors like someone mentioned above. Plus, the doors themselves are not incorporated well with the rest of the body. And why blue? Why not black, silver or burgundy? Something more classy looking.

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