Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Hong Kong Exclusive Lexus IS200 Debut

Find Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Lexus IS200 on eBay

Hong Kong is a prominent market in the die-cast industry and we have already seen several Tomica Asia and TLVN exclusive in recent years. The TLVN 2017 Nismo Nissan GT-R LOG-ON was the first HK Exclusive and its success has led to other releases such as Civics, RX-7, Crown Taxis and this year the Lexus IS200.

The IS200 was first introduced in 1998 together with its JDM sibling the Toyota Altezza. Although the exterior is not as aerodynamic as today chiseled offerings it still has an air of aggression to it. Unlike previous TLVN releases which are basically a repeat in different themes and variants. The Lexus IS200 is a new tooling available exclusively for the Hong Kong market outside Japan.

Available in silver and white. We can always expect similar high quality standard in terms of craftsmanship from Tomytec. Highlights are definitely on the front grille and Lexus badge. The headlights are also notable in terms of details and aesthetics within which also applies to the tail lights.

Tomytec also nails the details on the stock wheels which includes standard suspension and also rolls extremely well for a realistic model car. My only misgiving is the visible wide gap between the rear bumper and body. Although I do not have an exact number on the quantity made, been a Hong Kong Exclusive the IS200 will definitely see a strong demand among collectors.

Find Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Lexus IS200 on eBay

Stay tuned for the next TLVN feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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