The Hakotora Advan Concept Livery, by Inno64

I featured very recently the Hakotora truck in white and black (that you can read here), and I said others color variations would follow. It was quick, and knowing the Inno64 team, I’m not surprised! The casting is new, and while I was happy to discover what an Hakosuka was, I started this feature of the Advan livery very assured. Annnnnnd …. blank! I found nothing about this Advan livery on the Internet. Maybe the answer is in the title : it’s a concept truck, that don’t really has a physical existence – yet. Dunno. Does it bother me ? No. Do I like Advan liveries ? Not always. Do I love this one ? Yes. Mainly because of the tiny detailed JDM wheels, that really MAKE the model.

It’s the old, old story. A model can be super detailed, good mold, nice catch from the designer and … patatras, standard wheels (Majorette), or neglected (Tomica Limited Vintage).

Speaking of wheels, the Hakotora Advan concept livery comes with an extra wheels set, and as I love the wheels it comes from so much, I had the idea to use the extra wheels and put them in the bed, in the plastic piece behind the cab. This plastic piece is new too, because the first Hakotora did not have one. I love my truck like that, and it is a lot of details for a little truck like that.

The car is still metal based, and rolls pretty well, which is a kind of nice exploit looking at its stance. The tiny red mirrors are very well assembled too, and really make the model entering the premium range. Let’s spot a new rear spoiler, that the previous one did not get either. Oh, and I almost forgot, but look at the front radiator piece, that is so iconic from the racing KPGC10. How lovely it is.

The front headlights are – this time I’m sure – painted in red.

Whether you like it or not, this execution is once again very neat, and the factory of Inno64 makes a really nice job. If I may say, I would have preferred a transparent base, because of the “black on black”, but I can understand Inno64 wants an harmony of the bases in black.

I’m already looking at the next one, and I’m sure the line up will be fantastic. We already heard about a light blue/black one, such as a Coca Cola collab with Pop Race. Stay tuned!

You can find easily some Hakotora trucks on eBay.

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