Lamley Daily: Konami 1975 Mazda Cosmo

Model: 1975 Mazda Cosmo

Release: Konami Volume 6

Ebay Link: Konami Mazda Cosmo

Why I am featuring it: Konami is a cool brand that was only making 1/64 scale cars for a short time. They made some cool stuff and this is one of the cars that grabbed my attention. I like the overall shape of the car and it is model of Mazda I was not familiar with until I saw this release. Not all Konami toolings are great but this one is. They have suspension and soft rubber tires. They also have inserted headlight and taillight details. Aside from the plastic base, they remind me a bit of Tomica Limited Vintage. They are not quite to the quality level of TLV but some are done very well. If you want to see what else was available you can search eBay for Konami 1/64 and all most all of them show up frequently.

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