A taste of what’s to come for UK collectors from Majorette

Is there anything cooler than a Porsche with a roof rack? Not much. And this car is defnitely one of the most awesome diecasts I’ve got my hands on this year.

It’s part of Majorette’s Porsche Deluxe Premium set, heading to UK shores in early 2021. And let me tell you, the set is killer. There’s not a dud among the six. All Carrera S spec, all with a different twist. Over in Blighty we can’t get our mitts on them just yet, so consider these three a teaser.

And they’ll be worth the wait. They’re some of the coolest diecasts I’ve seen in a long time. Opening features and cool touches abound, I hope they’ll spearhead a resurgence for Majorette on these shores. The turquoise version with surfboard is just super cool, collectors and customisers alike will find this one a surefire winner.

The green convertible is another one I’m sure will be a must have. The roof movement is a real neat touch, it tilts back like a real rood movement would before you can unclip it to remove it. How cool is that?! And if you look at the wheels, they’re a near dead ringer to the real things. The colour looks great on this casting too.

And even without a roof rack or moving roof, the Carrera S casting manages to look effortlessly cool, and proof of that lies in this red example….

One set of Majorette Porsches that will be hitting the UK this year (In October) is the Porsche 5 pack, featuring stunning exclusive 911 GT3 RS.

I’ve been lucky enough to see the Panamera police version and the 718 in the flesh and they’re awesome. The 718 inparticular is a really good looking casting. And for those wishing to jump the gun, the pack is already available to order from the Majorette shop, with worldwide shipping available. There’ll be somewhat of a Stuttgart invasion with both the 5 pack in October and the Porsche Premium and Premium Deluxe lines hitting next year. Grab any of them or all of them. You’ll not he disappointed. Availability wise, I’m hoping that Majorette pins down a suitable UK stockist for the single cars, but that’s something I know they’ve been working on. I hope I can report some progress in that area for UK fans very soon.

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  1. As I’ve said in a previous comment I bought these in from Thailand, agree wholeheartedly with Alex that they’re fantastic, and as a Porsche completist a must have for any Porsche collector. Let’s just hope we get a Majorette stockist in the UK apart from Morrisons just doing the odd clip strip with the basic models for £2 each.

  2. Thanks Alex. Where did you get the date of October btw as Smyths Toys are still insisting the Porsche 5 pack will be here this month. They did initially state from the 1st to the 8th of August though that has since changed to just August!! lol

  3. Gorgeous photos Alex!! Especially of the Miami Blue one! Majorette did an awesome job on these. And I like how all are official Porsche colours as well! (Miami Blue, Lava Orange and Lizard Green, and Racing Yellow and Ultra Violet for the GT3 RS). As a massive Porsche fan these are must haves for me. Hopefully they’ll be available here soon (I’ve been told they’re coming). In the meantime I’ll just enjoy these photos!

    1. Thanks man! Really kind of you. I never realised they were official colours too that’s so boss. They really are cool bits of kit. I reckon customisers will lap them up too.

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