Fast & Furious: Running On Premium (Part 2)

Hot Wheels have made 12 cars from the first Fast and Furious movie. Let's take a look at them.

Collection Update: A TLV, a Chinese oddity and a Soviet saloon.

The mail call is a bit more of a rarity these days in my household. Bills, mortgage, food. Day to day life means the diecast collecting (especially for the more expensive brands) is sporadic at the very best. But sometimes I have a little bit left over to treat myself and given Tomica just released one of my favourite Kei trucks of all time, I decided now was a good time.

Lamley Single File: DyDo (Konami) Mazda R360

You may recall seeing this in my earlier post on the Schuco BMW Isetta, where I had used this in a comparison with the German "bubble car" and vintage Kei trucks from Tomica. Given it's such a cool little car, I thought it's about time it gets space for itself, and given that it's the only R360 in this scale, the new Single File feature is a perfect platform.

Matchbox is throwing us three dark grey SUV’s. I think I like this Mazda CX-5 the best.

I have never stopped in my tracks when a Mazda CX-5 has driven by.  No lowering of the sunglasses while that Ferris Bueller "Oh yeah" music plays.  It is just another car on the road.  Actually, Mazda has done some nice looking ordinary cars, and the CX-5 qualifies as nice-looking compared to other small crossovers, …

Mad Mike Whiddet’s pickup is a great debut for the Hot Wheels Mazda REPU.

It was back in September of last year that Hot Wheels let the secret out the Mazda REPU was in development.  Call it JDM hype or whatever, but a Mazda Rotary Pickup was most welcome.  Like any pickup really.  Like the Datsun 620, or Toyota 4x4, or the '83 Silverado.  You know why?  Because pickups …