Lamley Daily: Revell Acura Integra

Model: Revell Acura Integra

Line: Hot Hatch Euros, 2000, Issue #18, Version 3

Where to get it: buy it on eBay (they have a few versions of it)

Why it’s in my collection: I saw this bright green beauty way back in 2001 at a diecast table at the state fair. 2001 was right when the OG Fast and the Furious came out and I could not get enough tuner diecast. Revell was one of the few companies at the time who had an Integra, and this one looked straight out of the “streets closed pizza boy” scene. The highlighter green paint sitting on those white wheels? Even Toretto could pass this thing up. The white Japanese graphics on the sides just adds to the JDM-ness of the model..and screams 2001. On top of all that, the car has a blue-detailed interior, front window graphics and period correct clear tail light lenses. Do it fast, do it furious — Revell sure did 🏁

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    1. Thanks man – the garage is the hobby exclusive Greenlight “design your own” garage. It’s all white except for that one wall of tools. It’s by far the most versatile of the line because it goes good with any car of any color – really one of my favorite photo pieces!

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