Lamley Daily: Welly Volkswagen T2

Model: Welly/Super 9 Volkswagen T2

Line: Welly mainline

eBay link: Welly VW T2

Why I am featuring it: I don’t think there are many people out there that don’t love Volkswagen Campers, and with my thing for the air cooled VWs, I’m happy to say that we’re spoilt for choice these days with diecast versions, with even Tomica tackling a T1 as part of their Premium line.

One brand that has consistently offered decent quality yet budget alternatives is Welly. They’ve long had a T1 bus available in different colours and in the past few years this T2 has also been available. And yet again it’s proof that Welly can take on the more recognised brands even with its pocket money prices.

They’ve got the proportions and construction nailed on this one. The panel lines, the paint, the decals, they’re all great. There’s not a bit of needless cost cutting. Welly’s standard “classic” wheels look great here too. It’s simple and effective.

It makes me rather sad that Welly diecasts aren’t readily and easily available in UK stores these days, especially the classic vehicles. I really hope this changes. Majorette made a strong comeback in recent years and in my opinion Welly’s offerings are easily on par with the French brand. I’d pick this T2 over Majorette’s T1 any day.

I got this off a Portugese contact, Welly models have been appearing in a monthly magazine on the continent, and rest assured I’m keeping an eye on what else is appearing and I’m definitely going to be keeping you all in the loop should I get my hands on more. This is a brand that more people should be looking at for sure.

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  1. I couldn’t have said it better. Welly have taken over Matchbox mantle in offering some really really great low cost diecasts with quality and detailing their larger scale offerings. Their virtual disappearance from the UK is both mystifying and disappointing. France is a great source as well as many East European countries.

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