Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Speed Machines Jaguar XJ220

Model: Jaguar XJ220

Release: Hot Wheels 2010 Speed Machines

Ebay link: Hot Wheels Speed Machines

Why I am featuring it: I collect the Jaguar XJ220 casting. I had the original release in silver when it came out in 1993 when I was a young kid. So naturally, it is a casting that I am trying to complete. There are a couple of tougher ones to acquire and the two Speed Machines releases make that short list (I am still missing the other one in white). Speed Machines in general, are a series that I completely missed as I was not collecting at the time that they were released. Now, of course, they are expensive. They probably are the most expensive modern series to acquire that has plastic tires. They’re all nicely done and if you like supercars this is a series that you will want to chip away at. I realize that it is not a series I am likely to complete so I am lucky to have a couple of releases of castings that I collect including this Jag.

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  1. Love this version but the casting seems to have run its course. It just doesn’t do any justice to the real XJ220 which is a stunning looking car. They really need to redo this in premium with same size wheels and better proportions.

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