Collection Update: The Hot Wheels ‘70 Dodge Power Wagon moves from Premium star to Basic

This is the Power Wagon that isn’t Macho. The Macho Power Wagon is a little bigger, and preferred by folks named Simon. But this Power Wagon doesn’t need Macho in its name. It’s too good for that.

We have watched the ‘70 Dodge Power Wagon gradually make its way from full premium to basic over the years, finally giving more collectors access to a Hot Wheels gem. It started in the Garage line, dabbled in a couple of Conventions, then jumped into a couple of store exclusive sets, and now finally Basic. The castings has gone through a couple of modifications to do that, but the silhouette remains the same. It is pretty killer.

And that is where it sits. Loved a ton by a few, mainly because it hasn’t been as mainstream as other Hot Wheels trucks. If there is a Mount Rushmore of pickups, the ‘83 Silverado gets the first slot, maybe the Datsun 620 the next, based on sheer popularity, but the Texas Drive ‘Em and Power Wagon definitely have an argument. If you are basing it on my favorites, the Power Wagon is automatic.

I’ll go ahead and run through all the models, not exactly in order, but you will get the gist. The two most recent share a similar light blue, but they certainly are not the same model. One is from the recent Charlotte Convention, but the other might be more significant. The first Basic Release. Modified for the $1 world, all of its integrity is still there. The premium tool still exists obviously, but it will be fun to see this in basic. And a Zamac is coming.

(HW Dodge Power Wagon on eBay)

Favorite? The RLC Convention Pink. Second might be the Garage models, but this year’s Convention model is up there too.

Here they are:

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