Has there really already been 10 releases of Club Vee-Dub?

(Greenlight Vee-Dub on ebay) I seriously cannot believe that we are already on series 10 of Club Vee-Dub. I was really excited for the first VW series to come out (2015). I remember being worried about finding them because the only place to find them in my area was the sadly now closed Toys “R” […]

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Hot Wheels, Lamley YouTube

Up-to-Date: Hot Wheels Kool Kombi

I get asked if blogging is all I do.  If it is my actual job.  I wish.  I do have a “real” job.  And for those that are familiar, it does require a decent amount of traveling. That is changing.  The last few weeks have brought some changes, and I am thrilled that don’t have […]

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Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Car Culture has finally gone with Moon.

Among the many things Hot Wheels has done right with Car Culture, jumping into iconic decos is one of the top.  We have seen Advan, MOMO, Greddy, BRE, Gulf, and now Mooneyes hit the line.  It is hard to know which is the most iconic, or which is the coolest, but we definitely know which […]

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